TODAY   |  November 13, 2013

Motivate yourself by visualizing your goals

Motivation expert Jon Gordon visits TODAY to offer some tips on motivating yourself to organize yourself, stay connected to friends and family, and achieve a healthier life.

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>>> cold weather setting in, you might find t hard to stay productive.

>> instead of putting things off until next year we wanted advice on how we can stay committed to our goals over the next month and a half.

>> john gordon is the author of the energy bus. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> a lot going on. holidays coming up too. so things get in the way of trying to keep motivated. what are things we can do in order to set a goal and keep to it?

>> the first step is to create a vision. what do you want to create? i call it point out the telescope. what do you see as the end result. then the microscope. these are the actions you want to take the realize the vision in the telescope.

>> all right.

>> so i'm going to layout my goal. that's to do 15,000 steps a day. it's getting colder. it's hard to be motivated and i can reach that goal when i go for a run and take the dog for a walk but there's days when i'm like i don't really want to go for a run.

>> i feel the same way. the best advice i received, the only person on the planet to complete six double iron man triatholon. last time he did it he was 59 years old. i said how did you do it?

>> he said i learned to talk to myself instead of listen to myself. if i listen to myself i hear all the negative, all the complaints, all doubt. but if i talk to myself i can feed myself with the words and the encouragement and the reason why i'm doing it that fuel mess toward that finish line.

>> just talking in a positive way. so we've got our little step things going here. so we'll measure our steps.

>> 12,000.

>> 12,000. so if you at home want to join with us as well let us know your progress too. start working right now.

>> that's more your arms.

>> oh, yes.

>> all of it.

>> all right. mine is not so physical. this is one that plagues me throughout the year. it's doing a better job keeping in touch with friends. guys that have been my best friends my whole life and when i see them in person i realize we haven't spoken in six months. you feel like you're in touch because you send a quick e-mail here or there. how can we be better at that?

>> we need to create rituals and routines. do e-mails, make a few calls, a few texts, a few posts on facebook. whatever it is that you want to reach out to and that best friend , get together, maybe, once a month, once every two weeks. get together. create a ritual and routine that helps us through the busyness of our lives.

>> you have to work at it.

>> it's really a focus.

>> al, you have a basement issue.

>> yeah, have a basement. i have to clean the basement out. i just shut the door and walk away . what do i do?

>> what can he do.

>> i live in florida. we don't even have basements.

>> so your first goal is to get a basement.

>> get a basement. but we have messy garages. so i know how you feel. break it up into smaller chunks. don't try to do it all at once.

>> find one area.

>> right. one area or clear out all the clutter first off. i'm getting rid of all the things i don't want and i'm going to give it to charity. then take all the stuff you want to keep and then organize it. next step, go and clean everything up.

>> make sure the kids aren't down there, then.

>> go work on your steps. you're going to walk to the orange room .

>> 487. 88. 5,000 -- oh, very good.

>> some of the advice you say is to create small goods. follow routines and rituals. you say visualization is important. what do you mean by one word?

>> it can be a driving force toward us for our vision. my word this year is serve. i want to make sure i serve others. my wife's word is consistent. she wants to be more consistent as a mom. my son who is 13. his word is focus. he wants to focus on school and tennis court . my daughter, her word is potential. so we can all choose a word that drives us and motivates us to be our best.

>> speaking of motivation.

>> here we go. we got a tweet in here. during my weight loss journey i begin each day with a positive message on my facebook.

>> i'm at 5,548.

>> yeah, you're blowing us away.

>> i think i'm at 1,188.

>> i'm at like 14.

>> and willie is at 2.

>> yeah.

>> john gordon . we'll update you on our progress by tomorrow morning . up next, we'll get you caught up on the headlines you need before you head out today.

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