TODAY   |  November 13, 2013

Thanksgiving without turkey? Ham up the holiday instead

Can you imagine Thanksgiving without the turkey? Well, chef Todd English cooks up a delicious alternative main dish in TODAY’s kitchen that just might make you say bye-bye to the bird: bone-in spiral cut ham with ginger-maple pineapple and jalapeno glaze.

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>>> we are back with today's kitchen and we ask the question what would thanksgiving dinner be without the turkey? well, something fabulous. good morning to you.

>> good morning. i often get asked this, if there's an alternative to thanksgiving, maybe, do a ham. why not?

>> yeah, it's not against the law.

>> no.

>> or if you're cooking for a big crowd, bring in the ham too.

>> what kind of ham is this?

>> it's a spiral cut ham. virginia ham . it's been smoked and cooked already. when they say spiral cut, they do it and it's own the bone. it's better on the bone because the flavor is much, much better. you can see how it's cut so it's spun around the bone.

>> it's precooked. so what are we doing?

>> we're going to make a glaze for it and heat it up and cook it and tenderize it even more. what i'm going to do is but water in there. it acts as a steaming technique to heat it throughout the ham and we're going to tint it with aluminum foil .

>> tint as good different than a covering.

>> same idea.

>> but you leave a little room around the side. but you allow it to steam. the spiral hams tend to dry out a little bit if you don't have the moisture in there. i'll have you help me with this too.

>> how long do you leave it in to steam?

>> about two hours.

>> all right.

>> now we're going to make a glaze. this is an old fashioned glaze that we have redone.

>> okay.

>> ginger, shallots, brown sugar and jalapeno.

>> should i put it all in there.

>> yeah.

>> fresh pineapple juice .

>> remember the old pineapple glaze with the cherries.

>> yes.

>> jalapenos it's a little unusual.

>> if you want to leave the seeds in it makes it much more -- i've got maple syrup in there.

>> all right.

>> so you've got the nice sweet and sour glaze. you let that reduce down to that and you add pineapple chunks to it as well.

>> okay.

>> and we're going to show you here, we're going to finish this glade. we add scallions and butter. butter helps to coat or blanket the ham.

>> so in real life , how long do you let that cook?

>> about -- well, this reduced down to -- its about 45 minutes.

>> okay.

>> okay and we're going to take that over here and i've baked this now for about an hour and a half and we're going to finish this -- look at the beautiful juices. i'm going to show you how we're going to do this. put a little bit of this on top. glaze it over the top and we're going to put the blanket -- get t the pineapples. put them on top like that.

>> here i am cooking again.

>> we're going to blanket this. this is thinly sliced fresh pineapple.

>> okay.

>> use fresh. always available. okay. we take that. we come around to the side here.

>> yeah?

>> so this has been in the oven for about -- put it back in for about 20 to 30 minutes and look at that.

>> that looks beautiful.

>> now tell us about your sides. i hear you have tofu today.

>> are you a tofu fan?

>> no.

>> okay. maybe today you will be.

>> we use regular bacon but we can also use turkey bacon to lighten it up. a little olive oil and red wine vinegar . there he is.

>> you guys downstairs.

>> and real quickly what do we have here?

>> we have our pimp kumpkin here and this is like pumpkin pie .

>> i can't hear you.

>> thanks you guys.

>> let me carve this up for you.

>> you carve, the recipes are on and remember we