TODAY   |  November 13, 2013

Defeat damaged and dry hair

Hollywood is in love with short hair right now, but before you decide to chop it all off, see what stylist Harry Josh has to offer about managing dry and damaged hair.

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>>> hollywood certainly seems to be loving short hair these days. beyonce posted her new do on instagram, remember that? pamela anderson is sporting a short new pixie cut and jennifer hudson has also gone super short lately. the most recent members of the club jennifer anniston and jennifer lawrence . they reportedly made the change because they wanted to repair their damaged hair. is that look for you? is that what you need to do to repair your hair? harry, good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> she was complaining about damaged hair. what did you feel about your hair?

>> you know, basically, kind of -- i would feel it would go flat on me and it's a little thinner than it was before and no matter what products i put in, it would eventually go flat.

>> i think we have a before picture.

>> we do have a before picture.

>> tell us what you recommended.

>> with a lot of women -- for starterers healthy hair sovr rated. by coloring her hair she will have more body. a lot of people don't have that issue. if you don't want to color your hair, moose is going to be your best friend. it's a lightweight styler and actually putting in a velcro roller will give you body all day long.

>> you put a little color in to increase volume.

>> we didn't today. my advice for everyone at home that has virgin hair that is really fine. color will expand the hair shaft and allow it to not get greasy and flat which fine hair does often.

>> thank you so much. we have our next patient, she can come on in here. how are you?

>> good.

>> tell us what your complaints were about your hair?

>> my hair has gotten damaged because of years of putting relaxers in it and color in it and it was very thick and it's been getting very thin.

>> this is a problem with a lot of african american hair. you want to process and change the texture. but we're going to embrace the texture. instead of having to be constantly ironing it and flattening it we're going to work with her texture. we're going to cut the dead ends off and really start to work with her natural texture and get it back to a nice curly spot where she can wear it natural. silicone products are perfect for her hair type to really isolate the curl and create a nice texture.

>> have you heard about the things --

>> yeah, they --

>> do they work?

>> yeah, all of the fish oil supplements, the main ingredient is fish oil . fish oil is the number one ingredient that hydrates hair from the inside out allowing healthy, shiny hair.

>> are you going to give her a little cut?

>> we are. we're going to cut a little bit of this but my scissors aren't on the table.

>> we'll do air cut.

>> oh, wait, someone is going to hand us the scissors.

>> at the end of the day , what we want to do is cut the damage off and start from scratch. thank you very much.

>> just kidding. just a little trend to get it going. i say probably -- i don't know, you seem pretty comfortable. how about something like that. about three inches. she has been trying to grow her hair out.

>> oh, we have to go.

>> i promise to do the make over off camera. thank you so much.

>> we'll check back in with you. let's bring beth in right now. she also has damaged hair and she has been saying she wants to see it -- tell us what you would recommend here.

>> this is an extreme case. overprocessed, fine hair, it's really brittle.

>> you're going to chop it?

>> this is going to go somewhere in just a baby trim. how about that.

>> oh.

>> i promise you darling you will look fabulous by the end of the show . you'll have a beautiful bob.

>> are you ready?

>> i'm scared.

>> i'm freaking out.

>> don't be.

>> but if anyone is going to do it, she going to do it.

>> you're in great hands. you're going to love how you look. we'll show it at the end of the show and online as well.