TODAY   |  November 13, 2013

Creator explains why everyone loves the Cronut

NBC’s Craig Melvin talks to chef Dominique Ansel, creator of the popular new pastry the Cronut, who reflects on its swift (and sweet) success this year.

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>> now to the man behind the year's tastiest phrase, the cronut. craig melvin sat down with him. good morning.

>> ever since it burst on the scene back in may it's been nothing but sweet success. he has a new creation out. we'll sample that in just a moment. first, the man behind the treat and his take on the copy cats .

>> guilty or innocent here at 4:58 a.m .

>> for devoted fans of this pastry it's like a religious experience.

>> i think cronuts are what jesus eats on a sunday morning.

>> hundreds line-up, wait and camp out like teenagers for concerts.

>> i've had dreams about a cronut before but i never actually had one.

>> a 6'4", soft spoken 34-year-old frenchman strolls the sidewalks every morning thanking the faithful for continue the craves.

>> this pastry changed my life.

>> people said this pastry changed my life?

>> that's right. many times.

>> reporter: it's a croissant doughnut hybrid that takes three days to make really do that? i was skeptical.

>> you can see all the flaky layers and we have the cream and the jam.

>> oh, okay. you know what? the hype is real. the hype is real.

>> reporter: all agreed. first snap and post and then scarf it down. he grew up very poor. the youngest of four an hour north of paris. with no education he looked for kitchen work.

>> i drove not knowing anyone and ended up working for one of the highest bakeries in paris.

>> reporter: 8 years later he got a call from a renowned chef that worked in new york. two years ago he stepped out on his own and this spring introduced the world to the cronut.

>> i wanted to make a difference.

>> reporter: he was surprised by the success.

>> and second day we open the shop, we had 50 people at the door, the third day we had over 100.

>> reporter: because the kitchen is so tiny, only 350 to 400 are made daily. the costs are $5 each.

>> you could charge more too, you know?

>> i don't want to charge more. it's a fair price .

>> reporter: they are becoming so popular, impostor are turning up everywhere. an exciting victoria beckham put breakfast, cronuts. he tweeted who tricked victoria beckham into thinking those were real cronuts.

>> do you worry that you'll be known as the cronut guy?

>> i'm creating new things actually.

>> reporter: but those waiting in line are just thankful to have one before it sold out.

>> what?

>> cronut.

>> that's pretty good.

>> there it is.

>> that's pretty good. they change the flavor every month. this is the dolce daleche.

>> it's like fine wine.

>> he resisted opening additional bakeries as well because he wants to control the quality. if he makes between 350 and 400 he can make sure they're good.

>> this is a magic souffle and it's inside this orange blossom --

>> what's this chocolate tree thing.

>> i have no idea what it is.

>> why is it here?

>> that's the savannah guthrie pine cone . they sent it over.

>> is this a trick?

>> you should eat that. no, seriously.

>> how do you think i should approach it?

>> remember the edible wrapper?

>> that's what i'm afraid of.

>> is this a fake desert or real desert?

>> it's a real desert.

>> how are you going to attack that.

>> just --

>> don't push my head into it.

>> no.

>> go.

>> you guys talk to each other.

>> oh my -- heaven.

>> what's in there.

>> i don't know.

>> you go it in your hair.

>> it's a cream.

>> it's a cream with like a chocolate tray.

>> the souffle is good.

>> it's not so sweet.