TODAY   |  November 13, 2013

Matt dresses up like Hoda on Ellen DeGeneres show

Surprise, surprise: TODAY’s Matt Lauer dressed up as a lady, again, but this time as our very own Hoda Kotb, on “Ellen.” He read transcripts from TODAY’s Fourth Hour on the show, with DeGeneres playing Kathie Lee.

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>> well, matt has been busy while on assignment. earlier we showed you his appearance last night with jay leno . matt also stopped by ellen's show and what a surprise, matt got dressed up as a woman to be one of two women we all know pretty well around here.

>> the sexiest accent on the globe is -- french. my favorite -- i like the british. i like the southern.

>> you do?

>> yeah, i like southern. there's something about a southern.

>> she lived in a south for a long time folks.

>> there's something about that accent i just like, it's slow, it's soft.

>> it's seductive, yes, ma'am.

>> these are actual transcripts from kathie lee and hoda's program.

>> yeah, you got a problem with that?

>> did they nail it?

>> yeah.

>> oh, yeah. they're ready for saturday night live. don't you think?

>> ellen sounded just like you kathie lee but matt not so convincing.

>> he looked like donald trump .

>> exactly. he did. snl used to spoof us and i think they used our exact transcripts too.

>> no.

>> no they didn't.

>> there's no writers material.

>> i like when they do what you guys do which is say things together.

>> yes.

>> there's nobody like you guys.

>> well it's been fun.

>> bye.

>> and that's what's trending today. and natalie, we have been looking forward to this. your turn to share your inspiration.

>> that's right, guys. well, today is my turn. i chose somebody i have come to know very well in the past seven years having done stories on the "today" show. he is battling als, a