TODAY   |  November 13, 2013

See exclusive cast photos from ’50 Shades of Grey’

Get a first look at the new cast photos from the upcoming film adaptation of steamy best-seller “50 Shades of Grey,” as seen in the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly.

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>> now getting our exclusive first look at the 50 shades of grey --

>> i've already seen it.

>> amazing.

>> you have it blown up on your computer already. stars got together for the shoot last week and the pictures are going to be published in the new issue of entertainment weekly . i have to say, having done all the research, having read all three looks, they look the part. they look terrific together and some interesting things to point out, dakota says she doesn't want her parents to see the film. her parents of course being -- you think? melanie griffith and don johnson . the movie will be released valentine's day 2015 .

>> what takes so long to do this movie?

>> it takes a long time to get it right.

>> if only he had a great modeling nickname. what were you telling me?

>> a former calvin kline model. his nickname is the golden torso.

>> can you imagine -- just with the thumb, just the