TODAY   |  November 13, 2013

Willie Geist visits ‘Anchorman’ exhibit at Newseum

TODAY’s Willie Geist channels Ron Burgundy, the preening news anchor played by Will Ferrell, after visiting “Anchorman: The Exhibit” at the Newseum journalism museum in Washington, D.C.

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>> meantime, everyone's favorite anchorman ron burgundy is heading back --

>> wow.

>> i only trust my news from him.

>> i'm trying to deal with my inspiration. anyway, ron burgundy and willie you have two experiences.

>> i feel like we're shifting gears.

>> he is an inspiration in many ways. ron burgundy and more evidence that he's a big deal . on a recent visit to washington d.c. wil ferrell and his comedy routine suggested to the museum that building an anchorman exhibit would be a good idea and boy, were they right.

>> hey, america, did you miss my hot breath in your ear?

>> you've seen the trailers.

>> is that your foot between my legs?

>> and rewatched the original.

>> i don't know how to put this but, i'm kind of a big deal .

>> america's number one fake anchorman and his many leather bound books are back.

>> i'm going to do the thing that god put ron burgundy on this earth to do. have salon quality hair and read the news.

>> reporter: "anchorman 2" doesn't open until next month but beginning tomorrow, the channel 4 news team stars in a new exhibit at the museum in washington d.c. in a museum that show cases the best of serious journalism through the years, the anchorman exhibit shows off, well, something else in a light hearted celebration of 70s tv news.

>> even museums can have a sense of humor and, in fact, they should have a sense of humor because sometimes learning happens a little bit better with laugher involved.

>> reporter: nbc got an exclusive look at some of anchorman's most famous props and costumes. as with any great artifacts, certain precautions have to be taken.

>> now, put on some gloves if you're going to touch that.

>> put on gloves.

>> absolutely.

>> you guys are not messing around are you?

>> no.

>> reporter: i began to explore history.

>> may i touch it with the glove.

>> yes, absolutely. it's made of the finest polyester.

>> reporter: i'm better for having touched that.

>> this is ron burgundy 's jazz flute that he plays so expertly.

>> a little ham and eggs coming at you.

>> this is the whip from one of the rival anchors.

>> the sewers run red with burgundy's blood.

>> reporter: visitors even get their own shot at being ron burgandy.

>> who would have thunk it? a cat that juggles. we'll send it back to the studio and you willie, you sexy son of a gun .

>> yeah.

>> thank you very kindly mr. burgundy. this is the official i love scotchy scotch scotch that can be purchased at the museum. it opens tomorrow and runs through next summer. "anchorman 2" hits theaters in september.

>> i love the mug you brought me.

>> the billy graham museum is in charlotte, north carolina .

>> thank you for keeping us on the straight.