TODAY   |  November 13, 2013

One World Trade Center named tallest US building

New York City gets bragging rights for having the tallest building skyscraper in the U.S., beating out Chicago’s Willis Tower, after a ruling that said that the 403-foot spire atop One World Trade Center is technically part of the structure.

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>>> new york is actually getting the bragging rights for having the tallest skyscraper in the u.s. beating out chicago. the winner one world trade center . a committee of architects ruled tuesday that the 408 foot conspire atop the new york building is part of the structure and not just an add on like an antenna. so at 1776 feet it stopped chicago's willis tower, formerly the sears tower and new york has the best pizza still too.

>> we have to settle the fight over pizza.

>> sorry.

>> but natalie is determined the battle is over.

>> deep dish pizza is quite good.

>> it is good.

>> it's quite filling.

>> i prefer the thin crust,