TODAY   |  November 12, 2013

Plan the best time for the perfect vacation

Jacqueline Gifford, senior editor of Travel + Leisure magazine, offers viewers advice on how to plan the best vacations: everything from family getaways to retirement celebrations.

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>>> so maybe you've got a big birthday coming up or like my pal here you're celebrating a milestone anniversary, why not celebrate it with a memorable vacation.

>> travel and leisure magazine has great hotel destinations for less than $200 a night and jackie is the senior editor. great to see you.

>> thank you for having me.

>> is this a new trend? this milestone trip? we took a babymoon. i had never heard of a babymoon.

>> yeah, people really want to celebrate these milestone get aways with their family and friends. they have been becoming more popular.

>> maybe you're celebrating a special birthday. you like this inn in key west florida.

>> key west has the magic ingredients. it's a collection of six hotels. they're all under $200 a night. it includes breakfast. they have pools. cheerful rooms and you're right in the heart of old town so you can walk to everything which is fantastic.

>> any trip to key west is a good one. how about for affordable honeymoon. this place is $139 a night puerto ri coe.

>> it sits on gorgeous gardens. couples can head out sailing and snorkeling and stand up paddling right at the beach.

>> let's move on. you want to celebrate your retirement. you look the historic inn and organic farm in new mexico.

>> we do. when you retire you want to rest and recharge but maybe pick up a few new hobbies too and what's great about this inn is its set on a working farm and they offer classes, cooking classes. there's a field sketching academy where you can learn to sketch and paint with water colors and you can work with the farmer there is to garden and it's fantastic.

>> cool.

>> and $165 a night. that's incredible. let's look at now the babymoon. you like hilton head .

>> yes, we're loving the weston hilton head island resort and spa. it's been through a $30 million renovation right on the ocean. $130 a night. if you want to go for the package it's $239 a night and that includes a massage for mom, beach yoga and also the restaurant.

>> what does dad get?

>> finally in honor of my pal's one year anniversary, you say let's go skiing.

>> let's do it, al.

>> yeah. it's fantastic. the hotel madeline is slope side in mountain village . they have a ski valet to help you with your gear when you get off the slopes. 95 guest rooms with bathrooms and soaking tubs. every room has a mountainview.

>> beautiful.

>> momtails.

>> jackie gifford, great to see you.