TODAY   |  November 12, 2013

Cast of ‘Best Man’ reunite for sequel

The cast of “The Best Man Holiday,” including Terrence Howard and Taye Diggs, stop by TODAY to talk about reuniting for a sequel to the comedy film “The Best Man” almost 15 years later.

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>>> it has been nearly 15 years since the best man was released and now the cast has reunited for the long awaited sequel. it's called the best man holiday and they're brought together to celebrate christmas life and friendship. we have taye digs, morris chestnut , terrence howard . what took 15 years for the sequel?

>> it took that long to do taye and terrence's contract.

>> and terrence's hair. that takes time as well.

>> and we were trying to do something about more than taye's hair but couldn't get him to cooperate.

>> trying to grow it back.

>> when they approached you about doing a sequel to this movie, who immediately said yes?

>> i did. i said yes because i felt like how great would it be to revisit these characters 15 years later. pick up where you left off and kind of see where these friends are now.

>> do you think people will be surprised at how the stories have developed?

>> i think they will. malcolm, he's such a great writer. he grew these characters up so perfectly. it makes sense. every character makes sense where they are in their lives. and i think that people will recognize themselves as well as people that they know in these characters and the situations they're going through.

>> i want to tell everybody there's a lot of laughs in this movie but bring your tissues and your issues.

>> yeah.

>> i understand it when you all met with the director to talk about the sequel the deal got sealed when you got liquored up?

>> it didn't hurt. it didn't hurt. we hadn't seen each other in awhile and he called us all and told us to come to dinner and basically pitched us the story of the sequel and we all kind of signed on right then.

>> well, you had the premiere the other day and it goes without saying that you look fabulous.

>> well, thank you.

>> but i have to talk about morris, what are your beauty secrets because you have to play a star nfl football player 15 years later. we do have a shot from the movie.

>> that's me.

>> there you go.

>> this is my favorite part.

>> i love that.

>> so you've been just looking that way for 15 years?

>> yeah, i walk around like that all the time.

>> his wife is a very happy woman .

>> he was doing push ups all the time in between takes.

>> this is the hard part. i'm trying to diet and everybody here is just eating. eating donuts and all of that stuff.

>> did you like being the nine month pregnant woman in the movie?

>> absolutely not. when malcolm told me i was going to be nine months pregnant, i said, what do you mean? like four months pregnant? like a cute little bump.

>> like i just ate a doughnut?

>> exactly. but they gave me a prosthetic bump that was true to life and very heavy and hot. it was like my own personal sauna and i got punched in the belly 12 times a day.

>> you guys are real charmers.

>> yeah, they got a sick pleasure out of it.

>> i was going to ask if the chemistry was still there but it is. it's really fun and touching. it's an honor to have you here.

>> thank you.

>> do i hear best man part three?

>> we'd do it.

>> yeah.

>> just bring the alcohol.

>> the best man holiday opens nationwide on friday. we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.

>>> wedding bells are ringing.