TODAY   |  November 12, 2013

Matt gets behind-the-scenes look at ‘The Voice’

TODAY anchor Matt Lauer visits Carson Daly on the set of “The Voice” for an inside look at the set, and talks with the celebrity judges about the show’s appeal.

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>> first one of the reasons i'm here in los angeles , a quick visit to the wildly popular show "the voice".

>> we'll take you to the stage and you can see the voice logo everywhere.

>> all right.

>> thank you. you can see the enormity of the set. in this room now has become like a hot thing to get.

>> with good reason. you have a lot of star power and great entertainment.

>> we love to do that.

>> where are the prime seats.

>> if you notice behind us there's name tags.

>> right.

>> you can see blake shelton 's desk.

>> when the show is going on and cooking and going artist to artist you take time where you're not on camera. where do you hang out?

>> no one has ever asked to see my area. that's nice of you.

>> it's all about you.

>> my little area.

>> no minibar? no bridge.

>> no, blake shelton has a full bar in that chair.

>> blake shelton .

>> it's like my sunday football chair.

>> so one more area, i'll show you the sprint sky box .

>> okay. how do we get there?

>> there is our version of the orange room .

>> this is really cool. social media from up here.

>> this show differentiates itself from other competition shows because more than any other one it's about the coaches. do they have a bigger role on this show than judges on other shows?

>> i think people in america like them more than others because they see what they're trying to do. they're trying to pass down words of advice and mentoring coaching, not judging. that feels good in america's living rooms.

>> how are we going to derail team blake ?

>> he derails himself. he's a little boastful this season and arrogant.

>> wow.

>> i think he is getting a little lazy.

>> oh.

>> complacent. that's what he is.

>> clearly my track record doesn't speak for itself, matt. there's almost a separation from losers to the winners side of the table, you know what i mean .

>> i love you studio audience .

>> do you ever worry that in some ways because so much attention is paid to you four that you may overshadow some of the artists and by the way, on the show you call them artists and not contestants but at the end of the competition when you crown the winner, what do we talk about? blake won again.

>> because our profiles are higher than people competing on the show, we're going to overshadow it a little bit. has someone become a massive super star yet? no. but people are always better off after they've had their experience on the show. as far as i'm concerned it's a victory with anyone with this exposure.

>> who is winning.

>> me.

>> me.

>> me.

>> somebody on my team is going to win this.

>> so different.

>> very good.

>> ceelo.

>> that was good.

>> you get the idea that blake has it somehow figured out. he is the master of this. i want to thank carson for his hospitality. you can catch the voice and help make an instant save tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central time on nbc.

>> we're jealous. lots of teenagers