TODAY   |  November 12, 2013

Doctor in Tacloban: ‘These are difficult times’

NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman talks to Doctor Francis Visto Tacloban, who is working to heal the sick and even the dying, in the aftermath of the typhoon that devastated the Philippines.

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>> new round of rough weather is threatening the philippine where is the death toll from typhoon haiyan is soaring. survivors face critical shortages there. dr. nancy snyderman witnessed the heartships at one hospital.

>> reporter: good morning, natalie. with the airport and roads not going, we decided to get on a chopper to get into tacloban to check out the possibility of a health care crisis.

>> we tried our best. but these are difficult times.

>> reporter: he continues to treat the people of tacloban in the face of impossible adversity.

>> you have no generator or light?

>> yes, ma'am.

>> reporter: no lights, no power, no security. not even water. in the five days since super typhoon haiyan struck, those devastated by the storm have come for aid they desperately need. its doors open despite it being officially closed.

>> we do our best to make them understand we're having calamity here. even as doctors, we didn't go to our families immediately. we stayed with the patients.

>> reporter: treating the sick, the dying, even the soon to be born.

>> contraction is over now.

>> when patients come in now and they're hungry and they've had no water and they're hurting, what do you say to them?

>> we say we're sorry.

>> reporter: the storm's ruin taking it's toll physically and emotionally.

>> did patients die because you couldn't treat them?

>> some have because we were out of resources. we just made the most of what we had.

>> reporter: as sad as conditions are right now, another concern is an approaching weather system that may bring more rain and with that, the concern of other illnesses.

>> heartbreaking situation in the philippines.