TODAY   |  November 12, 2013

Is it rude to ask house guests to remove their shoes?

Is it appropriate to be annoyed if you’re asked to remove your shoes when visiting someone’s home? The anchors debate the pros and cons.

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>> will have family and friends over at their houses. here is a timely question for the group in new york. is it rude to ask your house guest to take up their shoes at the door or are you annoyed when your host asks you to do it.

>> i don't think it's rude.

>> i do it.

>> often, though, it's uncomfortable. it's uncomfortable to ask people to do it.

>> i don't think i would ever ask someone to do it.

>> i think you should do it and provide nice little slippers.

>> yeah, perhaps a pedicure station.

>> really fun stuff.

>> i go back to our airplane story. i don't want your dirty socks walking around my house.

>> but i don't want dirty feet either.

>> you'd rather have their dirty shoes walking around your house?

>> no, there's certain aromas.

>> message received.

>> odds are they have showered.

>> you don't know my friends.

>> we asked people online is it rude to ask guests to remove their shoes? 69% said, yes, it's rude.

>> interesting. i don't think it's rude.

>> i don't think it's that