TODAY   |  November 12, 2013

How to make your iPhone useless to thieves

NBC’s Jeff Rossen provides a quick tutorial on how to protect your iPhone from being used by thieves.

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>> app that actually locks thieves out of your phone. but experts say that's not enough. you have to pay extra for that app. apple is actually doing a much approximate better job here. if you have an iphone , there's something you can do right now at home for free which we love. it's a setting you may not know about. it can make your phone useless to thieves. i want to show you how to do it. we have an iphone here on the set. let's call it upton big board . home screen, all you do is you hit settings and get into this and then scroll over here to icloud and get into that thing here. hit that scroll down to find my phone. there it is. find my phone has been around for a long time on iphone but on the newer versions if you download the ios 7 operating system, the new one, they have a new feature in find my phone. you click it on and hit okay by the location services. automatically right now no matter how many times the thief f they steal it and wipe it clean and reboot it, you have to type in your apple password to get back into this phone or else it's deactivated. but this is great stuff officials say but they want apple and the other companies to go further, matt. they want it so when you get the phone you don't have to go through this. as easy as that was, it's automatic and that will protect all of us.