TODAY   |  November 12, 2013

Poll predicts Christie would trail Clinton in ‘16

A new NBC News poll predicts voter outcome in a hypothetical battle for the presidency between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in 2016. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough stops by TODAY to talk politics and his new book.

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>>> now to politics. a new poll is out this morning and takes a early look at the 2016 presidential field. and there's surprises on the republican side . he's the host of morning joe and the author of a new book, the right path from ike to reagan. how republicans once mastered politics and can again. good morning.

>> great to be here.

>> we're polling 2016 already.

>> it's only three years away.

>> right. clinton gets 44% of the vote. christie gets 34% of the vote. how likely is it that's the match up we'll see?

>> we just don't know. before the last election in 2011 we were all talking about whether it would be mitt romney or not. in 2007 we all believed rudi rudi guliana would take on hilary clinton . it could change a lot. where does chris christie win? old people, white guys and the rich. not exactly transformative.

>> no and when you look deep into our poll, the republicans aren't exactly united around chris christie the way democrats seem to be around hilary clinton which goes to the heart of what your book is about. you're calling on the republican party to do some soul searching and your argument seems to burn down to do you want to be pure or do you want to win elections?

>> that's what it comes down to. we have been having these ideological witch hunts . people have been saying if you don't agree we have to shutdown the government to stop obama care then you're not conservative. that's like a football coach deciding if you don't run up the middle when it's 4th and 31 then you're not sufficiently tough. that's not the case. we have to start playing smart. it's not about compromising or about being liberal. it's about figuring out how to reach the middle the way chris christie did in new jersey.

>> i have never known you to mince words.

>> but you have never known me to do that. how many pictures of matt do you have.

>> that's an early holiday present for you.

>> i'll skip the holidays and go straight to the new year.

>> you go after conservative media . you say this may come as a shock to certain profit winning radio hosts but parties win the white house by dominating candidates who win the most votes not feeding on endlessly on those that shrink the voters roles. you say it's part of the problem.

>> it's not a problem for them. they make millions and millions of dollars. i don't knock that. let everybody make millions and millions of dollars. but when they start pushing their world view on republicans across the country and start saying you either have to run up to the barricades and fight to the death every single time or you're not conservative and you have politicians listening to that and not understanding that's a profit motive. let them make their millions of dollars but we have to stop feeding every single little resentment if we want to get back into the white house . we can control the house of representatives but as we have seen over the past couple of months, that's not enough. if we want a more conservative country and better world we have to start winning elections.

>> before i let you go, when a politician or recovering politician writes a book like this, i wonder, are you thinking about running for president yourself.

>> no there's too many pictures of me like that. absolu no, why would he do that.

>> are you saying that's a definitive no?

>> i would never dress -- who let him do this? what's wrong with you people.

>> i'm not going to let you keep that. will you run for president 2016 .

>> no, absolutely not.

>> thank you for being definitive.

>> i have a 10-year-old daughter, she says she has to get out of high school .

>> all right. thank you. i'll be looking for these pictures.

>> thank you so much. we