TODAY   |  November 12, 2013

Food, water dwindling in typhoon-hit Tacloban

Five days after a typhoon struck the Philippines, causing widespread destruction and a massive death toll, the recovery efforts in the hardest-hit cities continue.

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>> crisis in the philippines. a new tropical system is hammering parts of that island nation this morning adding to the misery caused by the devastating typhoon. harry smith is in manila this morning. harry, good morning to you.

>> reporter: matt, good morning to you. i'll tell you what, it's five days now in this part of the world since the storm hit on friday morning and the situation in the storm zone, especially in the hard-hit city of tacloban is getting more dire by the day. this is the before and this is the after. there's no gasoline. there are dwindling supplies of food and water. and there is a growing sense of desperation. of frustration, and of fear. help can't get here soon enough. but in manila this morning, some signs of progress.

>>> opening up the supply chain has been difficult but now that those doors are starting to swing open, you've got palate after palate. you've got water. you've got instant food , rice, all kinds of supplies that will be loaded on these c-130s and sent down into the storm zone.

>> the planes come back loaded with storm survivors. she had to break a window where she was to escape the rising water.

>> did you think you were going to die?

>> no, i did not.

>> why?

>> i have my baby.

>> you're pregnant? you had to save your child.

>> reporter: american missionary john winn and his family are thankful as well.

>> the tv cabinet began to float and we climbed on it. as it floated toward the ceiling we were able to punch holes in the ceiling.

>> reporter: but others like david are desperate to get into tacloban. his wife is there.

>> when you see the horrendous pictures that you see from tacloben it's frightening.

>> reporter: he got a seat on a transport headed south. marine general paul kennedy who is heading up relief operations for the united states says time is his biggest enemy.

>> i need the rest of the world , the international community to get mobilized to help them in their hour of need. a week from now will be too late.

>> reporter: the u.s.s. george washington , a big aircraft carrier and a number of other navy ships are heading into the storm zone even as we speak . they'll be there in about two days. that will help get a better look at the more isolated areas but once they get there we have no idea what they're going to find. back to you.

>> a desperate situation. thank you for that report. if you want to contribute to the relief efforts you can find resources on our website.