TODAY   |  November 11, 2013

Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus top weekend buzz

HuffPost Live’s Josh Zepps shares some of the biggest headlines, like Jessica Simpson’s latest tweet and Miley Cyrus lighting up at an award show in Amsterdam.

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you did it in a minute

>>> okay. we're back with on this veterans day . ready to get you caught up on today's buzz and the celebrity scoop.

>> miley cyrus sparked a controversy while jessica simpson showed off her slimmer bod.

>> all the scoop. great to see you guys again.

>> what's doing with miss miley.

>> mtas european taking place in amsterdam .

>> a very conservative city.

>> very prudish, the dutch and miley cyrus wrecking ball swung its way to europe. she showed up wearing this bizarre outfit with an image of a couple of rappers and anti-violence message. she ascended to a throne to accept her award and lit up a suspiciously looking cigarette.

>> which is legal in amsterdam .

>> not totally legal in amsterdam . it's more permissive than here. take a look at that.

>> by the way, on the u.s. version of this they edited that out.

>> american audiences did see that. i don't know what her next act is. she's gone from twerking to stripping to touching and now she's smoking drugs on stage.

>> so you see this as self-destructive.

>> how will she going to shock us any more. will she drown a kitten or pee on a hobbo?

>> i hope she doesn't do either one. eminem

>> he won the best hip-hop act and all over itunes. he was one of the other stand outs. justin timberlake was nominated for five awards and didn't win one. justin bieber one for best male for the fourth year in a row. katy perry won best female.

>> you mentioned justin who had a rough time in brazil. has he moved on the argentina now?

>> he's hop scotching his way around south america .

>> i like that.

>> i'm not going to talk about justin bieber this morning.

>> we talked about jessica simpson and she tweet ad picture of her post-baby bod.

>> she joined weight watchers . lost a huge amount of weight. got knocked up again. the deal fell apart.

>> knocked up.

>> really. if you're going to sign a deal and say you're going to lose a certain amount of weight honor the deal.

>> make it twice.

>> pay $4 million for faring children and losing weight . i would have a full nursery.

>> she looks good. it's hard to lose that baby weight .

>> good for her.

>> dalton abbey.

>> you guys are crazy. fifth season. fourth season will start on january 5th . it wrapped up in the uk.

>> now they have their own wine line. downtown abbey line.

>> you're drinking downtown abbey wine now?

>> 11 million viewers in the size of a country like great britain.

>> incredibly good writing and acting.

>> it's been nominated for 27 emmys.

>> good for them. take to us the box office .

>> "thor" opened here. 31 million on friday night. on its first night.

>> 81 or something?

>> 86 i think nationally.

>> what else?

>> it did not quite beat last year this weekend was "skyfall."

>> last time i was here we talked about predictable hollywood is. it's cookie cutter. the