TODAY   |  November 11, 2013

Lady Antebellum in the Orange Room

TODAY's Tamron Hall talks to Lady Antebellum in the Orange Room about performing for veterans and growing beards for No-Shave November.

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>>> tamron has some very special guests with her this morning. lady antebellum . i'm so jealous.

>> hey guys. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you're ready to hit the tour after you play out on the plaza today.

>> we are.

>> you're going out on a tour starting in january.

>> yeah, starting in january. about 60 days. we're excited.

>> this is a perfect way to kick it off. veterans day . i know you saw the soldiers and troops out there. beautiful in rehearsal. matt was commenting on it.

>> well, we're excited to be here on a special day like this and to be able to perform that song.

>> and even just rehearsing the anthem and they all get into their stance and it gives me chill bumps. i was about to cry.

>> you are growing out your beard.

>> i am. 11 days.

>> i had a little bit of a head start but by the end of the month it should be pretty narly but it's for st. jude.

>> you guys love matt and al.