TODAY   |  November 11, 2013

Jessica Lange: I’m not a horror fan

The two-time Oscar winner, who stars in the TV series “American Horror Story,” admits disinterest in the horror genre, but adds that the real reason she doesn’t routinely watch the show is because she doesn’t like to see herself perform. She also talks about her new children’s book, “It’s About a Little Bird.”

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>> all right, al. thank you so much. now to one of the most acclaimed actresses of our time. jessica lane burst on the scene in the 1976 remake of king kong and she won her first oscar for her supporting roll in tootsie and 12 years later she won for blue sky . today you'll find her as a supreme witch on the hit tv show american horror story coven.

>> you deserved a better mother than i could ever hope to be.

>> i know the feeling.

>> she had tragedies that bring us closer together.

>> i doubt it. you are, after all, the maid. i have to deal with the rest of the trash i see.

>> if that is not enough, lane is also out with a new children's book called it's about a little bird . it's an honor to meet you.

>> thank you.

>> from horror stories to a children's book, did you set out intended to write a children's book or did you fall into it?

>> you know, it was -- it started as a little story for my granddaughters that i decided to put into just a handmade book for their christmas present and it kind of -- yeah, spiralled out of control.

>> what's really cool about this is first of all, it's photographs not illustrations.

>> right.

>> second of all, you took these photographs.

>> yes, i did.

>> tell me about the illustration that you painted this to get this lovely effect.

>> it's an age-old practice, hand tinting black and white photographs and i just started fooling around with it. you know, trying to see if i could figure out how it was done and it's an interesting process i have to say. i really enjoyed the whole learning curve of it. but it is -- yeah, you take black and white photographs and you actually hand tint it. i used these little photo oils. kind of like painting by number.

>> it's beautiful. not just the photographs but also the sentiment and then in the other part of your life, you're in american horror story which i have to tell you, i was afraid just watching the clip we just showed. do you like that genere?

>> i don't. i've never been interested in that genere.

>> can you watch the show?

>> i don't watch it. but that's not because of anything other than i never watch myself.

>> ever?

>> no. sometimes i will see like the first episode of the season or i will see a rough cut of a movie i've done or something like that and then it's -- it's interesting because you know, when i'm doing it, i don't want to watch it because i feel like it would affect the work that i'm doing. and then when it's over i feel like it's over and it's of no interest to me anymore.

>> what's interesting about this series is that it's the same cast members but every season there's a whole new story line . do you like that? is it sort of like --

>> yes, yes absolutely. i don't know how you sustain -- what's great about what we do is that we've got 12 episodes to kind of investigate and explore a character. but you don't have to sustain it year after year.

>> before i let you go, i had read that perhaps you were thinking about giving up acting one of these days.

>> yes.

>> may i be one of the first to say please don't. really? would you really consider giving it up?

>> yes. yeah. i think within a couple of years, yeah.

>> just want to try something different?

>> i do. i want a new adventure in life. i've been doing this for quite a long time.

>> got anything in mind?

>> no but i want to be open to the possibilities. you can only do that if you're not committed to something else.

>> well, jessica you are a remarkable actress and author and photographer and it's an honor to you here.

>> thank you very much.

>> the book is called "it's about a little bird " and you'll be back with kathie lee and hoda. they serve