TODAY   |  November 11, 2013

Disabled veteran advocates new walking technology

Army Chief Warrant Officer Gary Linfoot, who injured while in Iraq in 2008, is now an advocate for the ekso suit after it helped him walk again.

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>>> joining us now, one of our veterans. during the combat tour in iraq in 2008 his chopper crashed leaving his paralyzed below the waist wearing now a suit that allows him to walk again. gary, congratulations. thank you for being here and your wife is here as well.

>> yeah.

>> who is this with you?

>> this is mike. mike is one of the physical therapists --

>> you know, this is amazing. did you ever think this kind of technology would help you walk again?

>> i was hoping it would come along and i have to tell you i'm so excited and proud to actually be standing shoulder to shoulder with our nation's veterans and this exoskeleton.

>> you are testing these things out. you're going to be -- what you do now is going to benefit veterans in the future. there must be a certain amount of pride with that.

>> i certainly hope so. i'm very proud and humbled to be one of three recipients of this suit and i was provided this exoskeleton through a grant by the infinite heros foundation in fort worth , texas which purchase this suit to have it home and fix it and hopefully give valuable feedback to the folks for development of future devices.

>> how has it changed your life?

>> just being able to stand up again. and have that option to go out there and be able to walk and regain mobility and to help benefits that come with standing.

>> god bless you. thank you for your service. thank you so much. we appreciate and