TODAY   |  November 11, 2013

John Kerry ‘not going into’ JFK assassination theory

In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Secretary of State John Kerry said he’s “not going to go into,” his views on the JFK assassination, calling it “inappropriate.” Last week Kerry was quoted as saying he had “serious doubts” that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone to kill President Kennedy.

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>> plus we all know this month marks the 50th anniversary of president kennedy 's assassination. all of these years later people have conspiracy theories about whether lee harvey oswald acted alone or not. now they're coming from secretary of state john kerry .

>> here's what he said on an upcoming special on the assassination.

>> to this say, i have serious doubts that lee harvey oswald acted alone. i have doubts that he was motivated by himself.

>> all right. so that's despite an official government report that says he did act alone. sunday, yesterday on meet the press, kerry today by those comments but did also refuse to elaborate further on that.

>> yeah, david asked him about it. he didn't seem to want to get into it at that moment.