TODAY   |  November 11, 2013

Low enrollment numbers for Obamacare expected

White House officials say the figures for Obamacare enrollment will be very low, as the Obama administration continues to look for a solution to the millions of insurance policies being canceled due to the health care initiative. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>> get to peter alexander at the white house .

>> reporter: the spotlight is on president obama . he is trying to explain he has things under control while insisting he didn't know about the problems plaguing health care .gov until it was too late.

>> with the first round of obama care enrollment numbers to be released this week even kathleen sebelius concedes the figures will be very low and with two more hearings scheduled this week, the obama administration is scrambling to find a solution for the millions of americans whose insurance policies are being cancelled. no easy task.

>> how about this new jersey.

>> reporter: fresh off his re-election chris christie said president obama 's apology is not enough.

>> the president didn't tell folks the truth about what was going to happen with their own private insurance policies and what i urged him to do for the last two weeks when i have been on the campaign trail is tell people the truth.

>> christie dismissed speculation about his own ambitions about whether he's a moderate or conservative.

>> i don't get into these labels. that's what the washington d.c. game and what those men and women down there play.

>> reporter: still the republican party is facing a war within .

>> thank you so much.

>> reporter: in iowa this weekend sarah palin told fellow christian conservatives to stiffen our spines for the 2014 elections and lashed out at republicans that agreed to end last month's government shutdown without defunding obama care.

>> they waved the white flag of surrender and they threw under the bus the good guys who did stand up and fight for us.

>> reporter: so the republicans have an issue over defining their brand and ideological civil war of sorts. the democrats face fixing the health care law and roll out. and the next series of elections could be determined by which party can fix it's problems first.

>> peter alexander at the white house . thank you very much.