TODAY   |  November 11, 2013

Palin: No Ronald Reagans among GOP hopefuls

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin tells Matt Lauer about her new book, issues with Obamacare, and what the Republican party needs to do to reach voters.

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>> former governor sarah palin is with us now. she has a good book out called good tidings and great joy protecting the heart of christmas . governor, good morning.

>> thank you.

>> let me start with obama care and the roll out issues. the president apologized at the end of the last week for not only the issue with the website but broken promises as well. did he say what he had to say?

>> what apology in he could have acknowledged there was a broken website. the broken website is the least of america 's worries. it's symbolic of a broken administration. take over one-sixth of our economy and the social medicine crammed down our throat. that's what is broken.

>> he made many promises.

>> many many.

>> he said you keep to get your existing policy if you like it. 5% of americans can't keep it because it doesn't meet the standards of the new health care law . if it turns out those 5% of people with a better health insurance policy, do you think they'll forget him.

>> where do you get this 5%? it's not 5%. it's most americans will not be able to keep the health care policy and programs that they had desired and the new programs being forced down our throat are unaffordable. people who are being told today if you -- and some of them are still being told, well, if you like that insurance policy and that coverage, you still will be able to keep it. it's just going to cost you more. that's the point, if it's going to cost you more then it's not the same policy.

>> from the tea party over and over again we're hearing the words no, defund, delay.

>> right on. absolutely.

>> what are we hearing from the tea party in terms of an absolute realistic plan that can be an alternative to obama care.

>> it's not just the independent grass roots tea party moving saying it. it's been the republican and democrats in red states running for political cover.

>> what's the plan?

>> the plan is to allow those things that had been proposed over many years to reform a health care system in america thatertainly does need more help so that there's more competition. there's less torte reform threat. there's less trajectory of the cost increases and those plans have been proposed over and over again and it's the far left . it's president obama and his supporters that will not allow the republicans to usher in free market, patient centered doctor-patient relationship links for health care .

>> let's talk about chris christie . he had a massive win in new jersey. he won women, hispanics, independents. a sizable chunk of democrats. mitt romney says that chris christie can save the republican party . in the past you have not seemed all that impressed with him. are you changing your mind?

>> i would never put my faith and hope in any one individual politician. not any of them. there is no ronald reagan on the scene today. if he were on the scene, that's who i would put my faith in. but new jersey a blue state has a republican governor. right on. beats the alternative.

>> he called the shutdown of the government and that strategy hatched by ted cruz and member of the tea party a monumental failure. if you look at the result of the election, isn't the message to the tea party that the middle ground , not the far right is the most fertile ground for upcoming elections?

>> you know, when you stand in the middle of the road you'll get hit on both sides of the road. we need to take a stand and support those just fulfilling their campaign promises. so many politicians ran for election and re-election saying they will do anything in their power to defund this socialized medicine program called obama care. ted cruz , some of these guys actually were fulfilling their campaign promises and they asked for debate. that's why they stood up and took the stand, fought for us to debate the issue of obama care.

>> in your book, you write something interesting about a saying that you have on your kitchen cabinet . you write it says do today what others won't so you can do tomorrow what others want.

>> yeah.

>> even coy about whether you'll run for senate from alaska, if you listen to that saying you want to run.

>> sometimes you do have to make sacrifices today in order to progress and progress those around you to create a better environment for all. so making sacrifices today, perhaps doing what you don't necessarily really want to do today but it pays off in the end. i don't know is that applies to political office though because people can make a difference without a title and without an office.

>> this is not a typical christmas book. you say that christmas is under assault from atheists and secular liberals but you also make the point that it's way too commercialized. so is christmas in danger of becoming extinct or is it in our face.

>> i love it because it spreads the christmas cheer.

>> but you say it takes the heart out of christmas .

>> what i'm say as good we need to protect the heart of christmas and not let an angry atheist armed with an attorney tell us that we can't celebrate traditional faith in america . we have a constitutionally protected right to celebrate faith and christmas is a part of that and today on veteran's day of all days we should be cognizant of the fact that sacrifices have been made for these freedoms. we're so appreciative and thankful for america 's freedoms and we want to protect them. not just that spirit of christmas but overall our constitutional right to exercise our faith.

>> sacrifices made by your own family i should point out. always nice to have you here.

>> thank you.

>> you're going to stick around and spend some time with kathie lee and hoda.

>> that will be a blast.

>> that will be fun. thank