TODAY   |  November 10, 2013

Who is Hill Harper on ‘Covert Affairs’? All questions will be answered

Is he a good buy or a bad guy? Hill Harper, who plays Calder Michaels on the show “Covert Affairs,” told TODAY anchors that viewers will know the truth about his character in upcoming episodes.

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>> to whether or not your character is a good guy or a bad guy .

>> so we just don't know. these last two episodes that are coming up, we shot them all on location in hong kong . i think all of those questions will be answered on the streets of hong kong .

>> we can't miss it, that's when all the secrets will be revealed.

>> hong kong is one of the most energizing, amazing cities around.

>> a lot of location shooting .

>> the only show on network tv or cable that goes everywhere. we shoot where we say we are.

>> i want to ask you about your series of books . this is the fifth book. and they've all followed this "letters to." what was the beginning of this, the root of this idea?

>> i started getting letters from young men and women who were incarcerated. judges started asking them to write book reports on my first book. as i heard more stories of young people who are incarcerated and ran into trouble, i wanted to do something that would be transformational. i realized the idea of an incarcerated brother is a metaphor. we can be in prisons not made of iron bars, caught in a dead-end job, thinking you're too hoold to make a difference. it's for everybody, not just people in literal, physical prisons. if you're in a mental prison, it's for you.

>> you actually have two degrees from harvard. how did you make the jump from law to acting?

>> i went to brown university on a grant. have to give them a little. that's where i found the theater and i loved it. when i went to harford for grad school , i wanted to keep doing theater. in boston i joined a repertoire theater. i'd come to new york and audition for plays. it was in high heart. that's the theme i talk about in the book, follow your heart. it doesn't matter your socioeconomic status, gender race, locked up, you can live a dynamic full life.

>> in your heart, acting and writing books. you're able to do both.

>> i love both. the platform of acting offers me a platform to write books and connect with the material.

>> hill harper , thanks very much. congratulations on the work on the show and the book. you can watch "covert affairs" thursday at 10:00 , 9:00 central