TODAY   |  November 10, 2013

‘Star Wars’ fans attend open audition for next film

The search is on for the stars of the next “Star Wars” film, which is due out in 2015. Auditions will be held in several countries, including the U.K and America. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>> great britain in time, anyone can give it a shot. this is not a casting call for any film, as the music may have told you, this is to find the stars of the next " star wars " movie. annabel roberts has more.

>> reporter: " star wars : a new hope," the epic struggle between good and evil with characters be loved by millions. now in a city far, far away , the search is on for the stars of the next film due out in 2015 with two days of open auditions in bristol, england.

>> may the force be with you.

>> reporter: yes, the plan is to hand two lead roles to complete unknowns.

>> sometimes someone will walk in the door and we will just know in one second. we will say that is who we need.

>> reporter: it's happened before, in the first " star wars " movie, mark hamel was relatively known when cast as luke skywalker .

>> when you cast an unknown, there's no baggage, you don't remember their previous roles, not a lot written for them.

>> looking for rachel quite young when she lost her parents, now 17. she's become street smart and strong. and thomas, smart, capable, shows courage when it's needed, understands you can't take life too seriously.

>> i've made mistakes and it's similar to his background, the way he's gone through life. i feel i fit the role perfectly.

>> i'm just going to be myself and hope my charisma will come across.

>> reporter: a star is born?

>> it went brilliantly. i got a call back. i have to learn some lines.

>> reporter: may the force and a good deal of luck be with them. for "today," annabel roberts, nbc news, london.

>> there will also be several casting calls here in the u.s. throughout november.

>> some of them for -- what's the role? it's called extra.

>> i think lester, that's where you're really going to shine.

>> just stand there.