TODAY   |  November 10, 2013

In typhoon aftermath, Filipino-Americans fear the worst

The terrifying Typhoon Haiyan that tore through the Philippines prompted thousands of Filipinos in the United States to search for information about loved ones. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> filipino americans across this country are hoping to hear from loved ones , but because phone lines are down, getting through to them in those hit areas has been difficult. mi mike taibbi heard from those who can just watch and wait.

>> reporter: the story of the typhoon has been told so far by what little amateur video has been transmitted and headlines with few details. in the growing filipino community of eagle rock , a los angeles suburbs, those with relatives in the typhoon zone fear the worst.

>> i watched the morning. it's really horrible. even though we live here, we have a better life . you need to think about them, too.

>> all the communications are down and there's no power at all. they can't even charge their cell phones.

>> reporter: relief efforts have started, even with the full story not yet told. donations of food and other goods and money collected at filipino churches like this one in l.a.

>> this is actually the biggest storm ever, one of the biggest on earth.

>> reporter: meteorologists say it is one of the biggest and most destructive storm systems to make landfall since the waves that came ashore since the 2004 indian tsunami . it delivered a body blow to the hard-to-reach center.

>> we need to pray for them.

>> reporter: the final death toll still to be determined, but already heartbreaking, especially for friends and loved ones waiting for any news. for today, mike taibbi , nbc news, los angeles .

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