TODAY   |  November 09, 2013

New report details best time for your morning coffee

Have that first cup of joe first thing in the morning? A new report says that may not be the best time. TODAY anchors weighed in on when they have their coffee.

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>>> a first cup of coffee in the morning is as much a ritual as it is a necessity.

>> one scientist actually a neuroscientist says the best time for you to drink that first cup is sometime between 9:30 and 11:30 this morning. why?

>> everyone on different shifts?

>> here is the thing is not clear in this post that he has is that he says it's for a normal 24-hour cycle but doesn't say what time you're supposed to wake up.

>> and it has to do with your stress hormones.

>> it has had to do when your cortisol is not peaking so you maximize your caffeine.

>> i don't buy it. i wake up and have a cup of coffee and a breakfast treat.

>> while you're wearing your swants?

>> nudge, nudge.

>> if i have a cup of coffee at any other point in the day it wipes me out.

>> you only have one a day?

>> just one this morning.

>> i only had a cup and a half this morning.

>> i don't drink it before the show and i won't have one until 3:00 this afternoon.

>> you drink tea in the morning?

>> i need that kind of when i hit that slump.

>> your cortisol is here or up here?

>> why i look wild on "nightly news"!

>> all of the mystery of lester holt is coming out this morning!

>> deal with it!

>> please don't give this man any more coffee. we will