TODAY   |  November 09, 2013

TODAY viewers reveal what they do about gray hair

Pluck them, dye them or leave them? TODAY viewers weighed in on what they do about gray hair amid reports that the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted with gray roots. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> britain's duchess of cambridge is learning when you're in the royal spotlight nothing goes unnoticed. she was spotted with a few gray hairs but we are told this touch of gray has a lot of people talking.

>> reporter: the glamour. the cameras. it's a high pressured life being a princess. everything makes a headline. even a few gray hairs ! kate was with william during a charity day for veterans this week. fitting work in around the new baby when she was caught by those unforgiving zoom lenses and speculate is it a sign she is doing too much? how long has it been since she had her hair colored? in a london following with every color of hair dyed they say she may be worried about breastfeeding or perhaps too busy.

>> you take a back seat for to your baby. that is your priority.

>> reporter: kate has been praised for her post-baby fitness playing volleyball but it can't be easy.

>> you are under public scrutiny in whatever you do even though it's probably unfair.

>> reporter: let's not forget william doesn't have the hair he once had. the royal couple to be as normal as possible facing some of the same changes all new parents do.

>> it's nice to see with a few gray hairs . you can't have it at all. it makes her more human to the rest of us.

>> reporter: i have a secret.

>> do you have some gray hairs ?

>> reporter: i do. kate facing the cameras each on those bad hair days.

>> not surprisingly. kate 's grays are causing a lot of chatter online. the topic was trending almost immediately after the pictures surfaced.

>> dylan is in the orange, not gray room with reaction.

>> i could have gray hairs too. i've been dyeing my hair so long, i don't know what is going on up there. kate is just like us and makes you feel good to know that. she is a new mom and maybe she plucked or not or colors or maybe she doesn't care. here is what he we asked. like me the majority of the people say, "we dye them." 40% dye them and 24% pull them and that has to hurt. 36% say i leave them. there is more . craig, what you got?

>> what do you do?

>> dye them.

>> you dye them. didn't mean to put you on the spot there. you've all heard the question. do you pull one out or will more come to its funeral if you pull them out? we put the question to a panel test. the majority say -- a lot of corrupt people. the answer? you got it, no. absolutely.

>> wee!

>> absolutely not according to a scientist who revealed that information recently. you can pluck away. dylan?

>> if i ever have gray hairs i'll decide at the time whether to pull them.

>> we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

>> when it's an issue.

>> i think for kate maybe she never had that focus on her head at that point before. she didn't use her own camera to focus?