TODAY   |  November 09, 2013

Negotiations resume in Iran nuclear talks

Diplomats from Iran and six other countries convened in Geneva as the United States suggested it is prepared to work with Iran to offer relief from economic sanctions, as long as Iran ends its nuclear program. NBC’s Ann Curry reports.

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>>> we head to switzerland. talks between secretary of state john kerry and several foreign ministers from several other countries. ann curry is live in geneva with more. good morning to you, ann.

>> good morning to you, craig.

>> reporter: six of the world's foreign ministers have unexpectedly gathered among strong signs a nuclear deal with iran may be near. the this morning the french foreign minister broke ranks and said publicly that france won't accept what he called a sucker's deal. he also revealed the debate is over the way to reduce iran 's capability to make atomic reps use maria tone yum and rish uranium. so far no word from the other foreign ministers but john kerry did meet with a foreign minister after his meeting. nbc news has learned that iran is ready to sign the current draft on the table of the first step agreement and waiting for the diplomats in the rest of the world to sort out their differences. china's foreign minister is reportedly on his way, which would bring the seven the number of the world dop diplomats here to try to hammer out this deal.

>> what are the chances that we have a deal by the end of the day ?

>> reporter: well, insist a serious setback. these foreign ministers scheduled to leave at the end of this day. they have all day to work out a deal and they are very close, but there is a real chance that they could all leave without having made a deal.

>> ann curry in geneva for