TODAY   |  November 09, 2013

Death toll expected to rise after Philippines typhoon

There is enormous destruction and loss of life in the Philippines, after a powerful typhoon, like nothing ever seen in the area, ripped through the islands Friday. NBC’s Angus Walker reports.

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>>> there are images of the damage still coming in as you can understand. entire neighborhoods we do know have been destroyed. the storm is responsible for at least 100 deaths and another hundred injuries.

>> correspondent angus walker is live in manila now with an update on the situation there. angus, good morning.

>> reporter: people here have seen many storms but super tie typhoon haiyan was much more than they bargained for. they are beginning to survey the damage in the philippines after one of the strongest storms ever recorded swept across this island nation . the winds of tyson haiyan drove ashore with almost unimaginable force. clocked to 195 miles per hour with gusts over 230. equals a category five hurricane. few buildings are built to with withstand such as onslaught. power down and homes flooded and 24 hours later, officials are still trying to get a handle on the extent of the destruction.

>> do you think there are vilgs alo ville oages have been completely destroyed?

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>> reporter: many made it to shelters but some were court to sea the crew of this barge was pulled away. the scene from space will give you some idea of haiyan's size. more than a thousand miles across, it would cover a huge portion of the united states . the philippines have seen more than 20 typhoons this year but it's hard for anyone to recall a storm anything like this. remember, the philippines is still reeling from a massive earthquake less than a month ago which left more than a hundred dead and many thousands homeless.