TODAY   |  November 08, 2013

Babes with beards! KLG, Hoda show off facial hair

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb help raise awareness for men’s health in No-Shave November by displaying a little facial hair, and chat about whether they prefer a man with a beard.

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>> hello, everybody, it's friday, friday, november 8th , one week into no shave november. and we're tired of being left out.

>> not really.

>> yes, we are.

>> the whole reason.

>> i can't breathe under here. okay. anyway, it's to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer . so the men of the "today" show have not shaved.

>> oh, no.

>> yeah.

>> no, no.

>> we like our matt clean shaven .

>> here's al.

>> not that much difference.

>> it'll grow in. we'll see.

>> willie looks like a teenager.

>> willie is starting to look like a movie star , excuse me. i'm liking it.

>> what?

>> yeah, big willie 's looking good.

>> willie 's is growing in sparse. what about carson?

>> we have to see his.

>> i think his is going to grow --

>> that was a selfie.

>> we're all doing it. we're having fun with it. but we take men's health along with women's health very, very seriously. i know it's hard to believe when you're looking at us. but hoda has been through cancer personally and she can tell you that -- tommy can attest. tommy actually looks better.

>> anyway, you guys.

>> humor gets you through.

>> sure does. do you like a man with a beard?

>> or chest hair ?

>> or chest hair .

>> okay. do you like a man with a beard?

>> no, i don't.

>> okay.

>> we're going to play a game. and it's called "guess that beard." we're ready.

>> beard number one.

>> i can't wait.

>> oh, that's what's his name.

>> not hugh --

>> ben affleck .

>> and beard number two is hugh jackman .

>> you can wear anything you want.

>> and number three.

>> huh?

>> oh, that's the guy from --

>> kevin klein ?

>> no. it is -- i know, john hamm ? and beard number four is --

>> george clooney !

>> wow.

>> and the last one? "duck dynasty." our my cousin from appalachia.

>> did i tell you we were brilliant again?

>> we had the biggest day and forgot to remind you we're brilliant. that's what the daily news says.

>> you can still get it online at

>> we're starting to have lunches with people who help us with that column. and they are a wild and wacky bunch.

>> here's a question for you, have you gone into a restroom at kind of a nice restaurant -- and bathroom attendant hands you towel or soap or something and they're standing the person is standing in there. there's been a debate about whether or not that --

>> first of all, they're necessary. second of all, do people like it? or are people put off by it? and it all started when the editor of "business insider" wrote a blog. he said he was uncomfortable with the encounters in the restaurants. he says he feels guilty. he says "poor guy" in a tuxedo with a terrible job of standing in the men's room all day. there are different sides to every story.

>> if you need a job and you'll take the job, then, fine. i always feel bad. i feel bad when someone is handing you a paper towel . it's sitting right there, you can get your own. i feel bad and i always also feel like you should tip. you should give something because there's no point in going in there.

>> if it was every room, we got used to it, but it's once in a while . and i'm always caught off guard without cash. then you go back to the table, bring back some cash. which is fine. but there was a gentleman who just passed away about a week or two ago who every time you went to the restaurant 21 here in new york --

>> he was there.

>> he was legendary. they called him the reverend. he was a reverend in real life . loved his job and helped how many presidents and captains of industry and nice people through the years. he loved it. and he was beloved.

>> yes.

>> but the point is -- i think it's -- i always -- i sometimes in public restrooms, i don't like going in there because -- when someone's in there, sometimes i feel uncomfortable. do you?

>> only when you're the only two. and you know they're listening. i hate that feeling. i sing. i sing really, really loud. and most of the time they go, oh, sing something else too. so i'm in there for a while. you know what i do like?

>> what?

>> when you go into a restroom and there's a lady attendant and she's not just there to hand you the towel because you can do that as you say yourself. when she's got hair spray and she's got mints and she's got all kinds of goodies, that i like because then you're getting something for the tradeoff.

>> right. okay. so there's a new thing in wine.

>> oh, this is a segue.

>> i was bored. you were pretty much done with it. so there's a new trend in wine and there are paper wine bottles .

>> and i believe we have one in front of us.

>> they're called paper boys.

>> look at this.

>> heavy as a regular bottle.

>> cardboardish. 85% lighter than a regular bottle.

>> it is?

>> yeah.

>> it's heavy, though. it's --

>> not really, you can still list wine.

>> jerry, may i have a real bottle of wine, please?

>> yeah. here's the good news about this, might surprise you, you can put this in an ice bucket and it won't fall apart according to the company.

>> you can?

>> it is between $13.99 and $14.99. at wine does come in cardboard, it's not unique.

>> and i wonder if it's much better for the environment or how many trees have to die for this.

>> it's got a screw top on it.

>> people love it because you don't need a corkscrew.

>> but it's always in the taste, hoda woman. come on in and get your 100 dollars.

>> by the way, every time a crew guy gets on tv, they get $100.

>> drives everybody crazy.

>> ready?

>> yes.

>> and good luck to you. oh, yeah. you do feel it then? but this is a particularly large bottle of wine. it is.

>> -- bottle of wine.

>> no, it's not, it's a nice, big hefty one, hoda.

>> jerry says no.

>> jerry says no and i believe jerry. i'm wrong and i'm wrong, i'm a big enough woman to admit it. there's a hotel in shanghai that is trying something new. this one decided to -- instead of going above the ground to go underground. it's a five- star hotel in a massive hole. and it's in shanghai. that's what it's going to look like when it's done.

>> oh, now that i'm seeing it -- i thought that you wouldn't be looking out windows and things like that. that's actually gorgeous.

>> what is it?

>> that looks like it was built into the dead sea or something.

>> well, it's underground and it's --

>> wouldn't that mislead you when you just read it was going to be underground meaning like tunnels you've got to go down to. that's quite beautiful. an artificial waterfall and lake will connect with the nearby river to keep the water clear and as a reservoir in case of fire.

>> what happens if it rains like new orleans, it's like a bowl.

>> i don't know. these things, i hope, are being thought of beforehand.

>> i like when you make sound effects . okay. so there is a new study that --

>> always.

>> half of the travelers prefer a male pilot to a female pilot. so when you get on the plane or you hear the voice.

>> yes.

>> and you hear a male voice or female voice, how do you feel?

>> it adds so much, doesn't it?

>> here's the thing about that --

>> that's the graphic we waited half an hour for?

>> i don't listen for male or female voice. you know what i listen for? calm. when there's someone who sounds like they're a teenager, i get afraid.

>> yeah, you don't want to hear the youth.

>> when there's a young guy or girl --

>> hi, so glad you're with us today.

>> especially on the regional jets because that's where they practice.

>> right.

>> no, it's like mickey mouse is up there.

>> i don't mind male or female, i do mind --

>> i didn't realize that only 6% of the pilots in the world are women. so they're making gains but pretty slowly, wouldn't you think?

>> maybe that's why people are unsettled because they're so unused to having female pilots.

>> i like to balance it out. if there's one thing, we should have another. i'm all for equality in the cockpit, if you know what i'm saying. oh, yeah. you know what it's time for, hoda? your friday funny. hold down the laughter.

>> an elderly woman decided to have her portrait painted to hang over the fireplace as a gift to her husband. when the painting was almost completed, she asked the artist, listen, can you add some diamond earrings and maybe a diamond necklace? sure, said the artist and added the items to the painting. lady lifted the painting again and said, you know what, i think i need emerald and ruby bracele bracelets, as well. okay, the artist hesitantly said and added the new items to the portrait. then she said, let's add one more thing, an expensive-looking gold watch. the artist finally getting a little frustrated says, excuse me, ma'am, but i have never seen you wear anyone of those items before, why are you adding all this jewelry? to which she responded, because in case i die first and my husband marries some young girl , i want her to go crazy looking for the jewelry. nuff said. you know how hard it is to find clean jokes?

>> all right. you know what it's time for?

>> johnson 's baby announcement.

>> our first johnson 's baby of the week is elaina marie. her parents say her 3-year-old brother andrew has really taken to his baby sister . loves to tickle her.

>> next is isabella johnson born september 10th in new york. her mom says her daughter has the most beautiful smile. and appreciate every moment with your new baby. even all through the night when your baby is up.

>> now on to a baby born on september 29th in new jersey. james robert fulton jr. weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces, this is the first baby for mom jennifer who says her baby boy is full of smiles.

>> good. he doesn't have any gas then. that's good. and our last johnson 's baby is dominic isaiah garcia, weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces, born in california on september 6th . little dominic loves to be held when he's falling asleep listening to aunt kathie lee 's cd. but he likes to wake up again because he likes to hear more.

>> we want to congratulate all of our babies. and if you want your baby to appear in our baby of the week go to and go to the connect button. we are connecting.

>>> all right, they have the boyfriends and body you wish you had.

>> how to stop being jealous of other women.

>>> it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it and today it's going to be us. wait until you see what we have to do. we are going to milk a goat.