TODAY   |  November 08, 2013

Find the right ‘Waze’ with hot apps and sites

Randi Zuckerburg gives her favorite digital tricks, including using GPS app Waze and Whichbook, which suggests books based on your mood.

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>> to curl up with a page turner, you can use suggestions, we have free apps and websites you want to check out.

>> randi zuckerberg is the founder of zuckerberg media and great to see you again.

>> happy friday.

>> oh.

>> you're digin' with us.

>> we are.

>> she's on to this new word we're trying to create.

>> the dot book , the kid's book is in rotation at our house.

>> thanks guys. that makes my day.

>> kids love it. this changes the color of your computer screen .

>> i don't know if you are as guilty as i am, i'm always getting in one last level of candy crush before i go to bed or answering that one last e-mail but that bright light effects your ability to go to sleep and sleep cycles. so it's a great website. you can put in your location. it snows where you are and it dims your screen accordingly to the room you're in so it won't effect your sleep cycle .

>> that's mart.

>> tells you when it's sort of time for lights out there.

>> exactly.

>> we sampled this on our today show homepage. next up is an app that recommends books depending on whatever mood you're in and what you want to read.

>> that's right. so assuming you already read through dot by randi zuckerberg . sorry, shameless plug. you can go to which book and you have sliding scales you can put in. do you want an ending that's predictable or love story , crime, you put in what you're looking for and out pops a book.

>> this is really great. very useful.

>> that's for if you don't trust your facebook friends recommendations on books.

>> cool. this one needs a little more explanation. fiver.

>> anything on this site you can get someone to do for $5.

>> we found a funny one. there's a guy that said he will be a human billboard . he will write anything across his face, across his body for $5.

>> oh, wow, that's not good.

>> but you can get some great services too. you can get people to translate. people who are actually write blog posts for you. all kinds of interesting stuff for $5.

>> well, this one is probably going to be my favorite new app. free karaoke.

>> we have to queue it up. sing with me you can dance, having the time of your life

>> she has a great voice that is another segment for another time, though.

>> you want to do karaoke come with me any day.

>> i'll sing with you any day natalie. waze is a great, great site. so you can take a look here, we have a grid of manhattan. it shows you where there's police you might need to look out for. where there's really heavy traffic and you get the information from other drivers that are on the road with you. i actually -- i always use waze even if i know exactly where i'm going.

>> how are they getting that information? are they driving and like --

>> crowd source.

>> so anybody that uses waze relays information.

>> hopefully you're at a stoplight.

>> hopefully so.

>> next one really quick is lama.

>> lama.

>> this manages the ringer for you.

>> let's say you forget to put your phone on silent at night it can auto detect where you are and set your phone to quite for you.

>> nice. like that. randi zuckerberg .