TODAY   |  November 08, 2013

Drew Brees goes the extra yard with nonprofit

Through their nonprofit, the Brees Dream Foundation, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his wife have raised more than $20 million for the team’s home city.

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>>> all right. on today's extra yard, we are in the superdome. we're going to big easy . pay a trip down there to see drew brees .

>> through the dream foundation they raised more than $20 million for the city of new orleans and other charities.

>> they're look ago head to the future teaming up with high school students. today contributing correspondence jenna bush -hager has more.

>> the big easy . a city built on reinvention. as quarterback of the new orleans saints drew brees has emotions bodied that spirit before the super bowl win and the mvp awards.

>> i didn't have a team or home at the time. new orleans embraced us. more so than that it was a calling for us to come and be a part of the rebirth of this city and this community.

>> brees and his wife britney dove head first into the renaissance opening shops and starting businesses in new orleans . invested in the people too. four years ago he partnered with idea village. a local non-for-profit that launched the crazy idea challenge for high school students.

>> he came as an entrepreneur. it was so amazing to see his excitement and intensity and thoughtfulness how about we could truly impact the kids of new orleans .

>> reporter: students are teamed up solving an issue facing a new orleans business or school. everything from increasing school spirit to increasing youth t-shirt sales at a local store.

>> they're having to put their heads together and turn that into a legitimate business to help their school. help their community.

>> reporter: students like lucy and ma'lik that competed against each other last year are mentored by professionals and taught how to develop a business plan and market their product.

>> it gave us an opportunity to take an experience outside of the classroom.

>> i see myself in the future as being an entrepreneur. i know there's going to be failures as well as achievement and i'm prepared for that.

>> you watch a lot of these kids completely come out of their shell and become really confident individual which is great to see.

>> reporter: julie smith participated in the challenge from the conception and now is a freshman in college. she says she has drew brees to thank for her confidence.

>> he shepping us to see what we can do and open up to ideas we didn't think we were capable of.

>> the challenge continues to grow with google adding a tech focus to this year's competition. more students are signing on.

>> when they look into the face of someone like drew it takes their work to another level and opens their minds to what they're able to accomplish.

>> brees and his wife pick the annual winning team awarding scholarships and grants to their school.

>> every kid has a dream and every kid needs someone to believe in them and foster at a belief inside of them.

>> what was your crazy idea?

>> our crazy idea was probably to come to new orleans .

>> a city that tanhanks to his effort and the kids he has helped is on the way to having a crazy strong future. for today, jenna bush -hager, new orleans .

>> that's terrific.

>> i love him. just love the brees family.

>> done such a good job off the field but also won a super bowl which doesn't hurt.

>> you can watch the saints and the cowboys sunday night. sunday night football night in america kicks off at 7:00