TODAY   |  November 08, 2013

LAX shooting memorial captured in touching photo

Huffpost Live’s Ahmed Shihab-Eldin reviews the best images of the week, including a tribute to a fallen TSA officer at LAX and a rare glimpse of rap star Jay Z as a father.

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>>> from tragedy at the lax airport , the week was filled with memorable news stories.

>> a lot of them were captured with a picture perfect imagine. good to see you again.

>> good morning.

>> let's talk first about chris christie , the elected -- newly elected governor of new jersey once again. let's take a look at photos of him and his family. we love this one. it shows a priceless moment. embracing his family.

>> most certain. he beat out barbara buono and you can make out the children in the background. this is a big deal . a lot of people are expecting him to be a contender in the republican nomination for the presidency of course in terms of the race. what i loved is he is hugging his wife but he gained popularity after hurricane sandy and hugged obama after hurricane sandy and there was controversy around that and he was having to deny it wasn't a hug. it's a handshake. it was interesting how that story continues and he was on the cover of time magazine .

>> which has controversy of its own.

>> is it a reference to his weight or the fact that he's republican?

>> exactly.

>> terrible tragedy last week at l.a.x. where a tsa officer was shot and killed.

>> of course. this is a tribute to the fallen officer. she is holding the same flag that is going to be used at the funeral service . and he was the first tsa officer that's been killed, you know, in the line of duty since 2001 when the agency was founded. there were two other officers injured and what's most troubling and perplexing is the note they found. he is the shooter and there's a note on his body that had said he wanted to kill a tsa officer to instill fear in the mind of the tsa officer.

>> sick, sick person. now we have all been awed by the story of the nine skydivers that survived the mid- air collision between two planes.

>> that's unbelievable.

>> phenomenal and what's really powerful is that five of them had the cameras on their head --

>> the go-pro.

>> exactly. they captured this moment. the plane lost it's wing. it captured the moment of the pligs and it exploded into a fire ball . this was above superior, wisconsin and there's a date-line special coming up. like special. i know that the investigation is still on going in terms of how this happened but the pilot survived as well.

>> that's the good news.

>> look at the position they're in right there. it's amazing that some of them made it out of there.

>> it almost looks like it's in formation how they're falling.

>> yeah.

>> they were in a total sky dive at that point.

>> incredible.

>> let's talk next about -- this is a different flight story. the great swiss man known as the jet man that got an up close view.

>> what's so compelling is both of these photos taken at 12,000 feet. this is again in japan -- not only did he go around once, he went around nine times.

>> show off.

>> at a speed of 190 miles per hour. i'd like to travel that but i don't know if i'd like to do it that high.

>> not when your body is safe.

>> it was homemade. can you imagine that?

>> he is a pilot so he has some skill there is that may help with that.

>> exactly.

>> we have a great picture now with the pope.

>> yes.

>> oh, the pope, yes, fantastic. of course, this is the pope. he is kissing -- this picture went viral. he is kissing a man who has -- i forget exactly what the illness is -- i don't know what the illness was but he is quite disfigured and this photo is endee indeering because the pope has shown a side that a lot of people feel is impressive showing empathy and humanity.

>> beautiful photo.

>> went out and washed the feet of some people several months ago. that's the kind of things this pope has been doing.

>> very in touch.

>> on a completely different note, jay-z, beyonce , blue vivy.

>> they're silhouetted so you don't necessarily see their faces. so it's not as invasive and this was posted by beyonce herself on her tumblr blog. usually we see more photos of blue ivy with beyonce than jay-z. so this is nice.

>> and it's nice to show that fathers are just as important and make a big difference in their child's life.

>> and some say all the more important.

>> i would think so. in