TODAY   |  November 08, 2013

Learn how to tie a scarf with style

Style expert Jenn Falik teaches Savannah some fashion tricks you can pull off with that most versatile of accessories, the scarf.

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>>> with the art of tying a scarf. it can really transform an outfit from boring to beautiful if you know how to do it the right way. that's why she is here. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> i love scarves and they have sass up a outfit but it's hard to know how to do it.

>> these are three ties easy to do. wearable with every look. so first up, the infinity scarf. we're starting simple. you'll kind of bunch your scarf like this and take tends and tie them in a knot. du doesn't have to be pretty. this is a fun, fake cow neck.

>> do a big loop.

>> put it over your head. loop it around.

>> oh, the double loop .

>> the double loop .

>> we're getting fancy.

>> and then you give it a little -- and you can make it like a cow neck or drape it more but it's fun.

>> it's warm too.

>> it's warm and practical and very stylish.

>> i like it.

>> okay. next up --

>> if i can get it off --

>> if you can get it off. so next up is the muffler which sounds like we kind of see it there. there's a way to do it to make it look really impressive. take your scarf, we've got a rectangle, fold it into a square. you've got your square.

>> yes.

>> now take one corner and fold it into the middle of the other side. down like that.

>> yes.

>> now take these two ends. so it's not a perfect triangle.

>> it's triangle-ish.

>> that's the key.

>> now tie it behind your neck.

>> that would be cute under a coat or something.

>> great under a coat or with a cocktail dress instead of a statement necklace. this gives it more triangle.

>> i like that.

>> it's fun.

>> the last one.

>> i saved the more complicated. okay. take your scarf, let it go long, rectangular. place it behind your neck. equal on both sides. take one side. tie a knot but leave it open as close to the collarbone as you can.

>> okay.

>> see if i can do it backwards here. now, not as open. you've got a key hole . reach through. grab this side.

>> yes.

>> grab the other side.

>> yeah.

>> pull it through get a little loop.

>> mine didn't have a loop.

>> wait, hold on like this.

>> yeah.

>> got it.

>> now you're going to tighten the knot, your original knot.

>> you know, i practiced. i practiced.

>> and look, i love that.

>> it's very polished and you can add jewelry to it too. put the barrett on it.

>> thank you so much. your results at home may vary.

>> practice makes perfect.

>> thank you so much. appreciate it.

>> thank you.

>> this is "today" on nbc.