TODAY   |  November 08, 2013

When is it too early for Christmas music?

A new survey found more than half of Americans don’t think Christmas tunes should be played before Thanksgiving. TODAY’s Willie Geist reports.

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>> say off the bat we're guilty of the next one. the rockefeller center christmas tree and the rockettes here, we're playing christmas music but it's only november 8th . is it too soon for christmas music ?

>> it's too soon for that steam roller song.

>> i like the steam roller .

>> in a new survey more than half of americans say not cool. totally unacceptable to begin playing holiday music before thanksgiving. the older you are the more unacceptable you're likely to find it.

>> we have a much shorter season this year.

>> they need to start playing it sooner to get people shopping sooner. and the radio stations right after thanksgiving go all christmas all the time.

>> yes.

>> this reminds me of something you said in the make-up