TODAY   |  November 08, 2013

They’re expecting! TODAY’s IFV couple have happy news

Jessica and Derek, who we first met after we presented a live intro-fertilization on TODAY, finally complete their journey to pregnancy. NBC’s Nancy Snyderman reports.

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>> very much. let's head over to natalie.

>> thank you, savannah. back in september we brought you our born today series that included a live ivf procedure. dr. snyderman has been keeping up with them.

>> this is an amazing couple that invited us into their lives. we first met them in st . louis and we have followed their journey toward parenthood. after so many years of trying for a baby without success, this morning, we have an exciting update.

>> i want to be positive and i think that we're going to have twins and i think that they're going to have red hair and blue eyes .

>> reporter: after being challenged with fertility issues for almost a decade, 33-year-old jessica and her fiancee derrick are a heartbeat away from starting their family.

>> that's really the moment of conception.

>> reporter: that moment, captured on live tv for the very first time, in vitro fertilization.

>> this is now a fertilized egg.

>> reporter: a fertility expert at st . luke's hospital in st . louis performed the procedure and days later transferred two embryos into jessica 's uterus. ten days later, they got the results.

>> well, guess what, your pregnancy test is positive. it's amazing. we have a baby in there.

>> reporter: the couple shared their excitement live on our air.

>> i'm so ecstatic. so overwhelmed with joy. we feel so blessed.

>> reporter: but the journey had just begun. seven weeks into the pregnancy, what would the first is sonogram reveal.

>> hopefully we get to hear the heartbeat.

>> we're looking for one or two sacks and a fetal heartbeat of 130 or 140.

>> after a brief meeting with the doctor to go over expectations, finally the moment had come.

>> that's the heart right there. and i'm only seeing one. one sack. with a really good heart beat .

>> beautiful heartbeat. just looks perfect.

>> i can't say that i'm disappointed because i'm happy that there's one. one picture. one heartbeat and for this couple a priceless moment.

>> it's been such a long journey to get to this point and i'm just so excited. i'm so glad that we're pregnant.

>> i can't stop looking at it.

>> they're a wonderful couple. as for derrick and jessica that strong heartbeat means they're well on their way. she has had morning sickness . we all know what that's like. most of us know it and this kind of exhaustion is a good thing.

>> we're thrilled for derrick and jessica .

>> what about the reality of a successful ivf these days?

>> it means going to the right center. we think that infertility has to do with women. a lot of times it's men and age related. you want to go to ask a center that does it well. it's not just getting pregnant. it's a live, healthy baby.

>> dr. nancy snyderman thank you so much. still to come this morning, we have the radio city rockettes helping us usher in the season.