TODAY   |  November 08, 2013

TODAY welcomes Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

The TODAY team go along for the ride as the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas tree makes its way to the plaza.

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>> and we are back now at 8:00 on this friday morning. and we have decided we weren't going to let al have all the fun this year because normally he's the guy that ushers in the christmas tree to rockefeller plaza . we all joined him on a truck with this beauty, al.

>> that's right. from connecticut, 76 feet tall. 12 tons. 46 foot branch span. this is going to be a gorgeous tree.

>> we want to thank the family that donated this tree. it's took 12 guys to cut it down or people to cut it down and it will take a lot more than that to decorate it.

>> 45,000 led lights. environmentally friendly as always. of course we look forward to the topper on the tree. the crystal star .

>> we're all getting it.

>> this is the first year we're all getting lit together.

>> that's right.

>> we're going to be part of the tree lighting ceremony here in rockefeller plaza on december 4th . the four of us will help flip the switch. make sure you knock it down on your calendars. it's always a fun event. why don't you do a mobile, my people.

>> my people. my people. my people.

>> my people.

>> and by the way, to give you a perspective of how tall this is, if you took a rocket.

>> like the average rockette and she is 5'8", even if you put 13 on top of each other, they would not be as tall as this beautiful blue spruce .

>> we have the rockettes here.

>> we do.

>> warming up.

>> we're way on the curve.

>> i hope he knows how to park.

>> they'll have this thing up in the matter of an hour or so. we'll watch the progress here from the