TODAY   |  November 08, 2013

John Kerry heads to Geneva as Iran nuclear talks proceed

The State Department says John Kerry's unplanned trip to Geneva is intended to assist in ongoing nuclear talks with Iran, although some officials say a deal may already be done. NBC's Ann Curry reports.

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>> an unplanned trip by the secretary of state getting a lot of attention.

>> that's right. it's leading to high hopes about nuclear talk with iran . so much so that john kerry decided to take part. israel doesn't like it but the talks do appear to be moving closer to a deal. ann curry who broke the story thursday is in geneva switzerland with more. good morning.

>> natalie, kboorgood morning. the possibility sparked a high level of anticipation in geneva with increased security including bomb sniffing dogs and the world's media. while the state department says the secretary of state is coming to narrow the differences in negotiations, there's indications that the deal may already be virtually done. they're presenting the u.s., britain, france, germany, china and iran work late into the night last night in advance of kerry's arrival and this morning the british foreign secretary tweeted he is now also heading here. we also saw the french foreign minister arrive just a short time ago. to be clear, this would only be the first step of a comprehensive nuclear deal still to be hammered out. it would be significant but we don't know the full details yet. we do know a senior u.s. official says the deal would reign in advancements in iran's nuclear program in return for limited and reversible easing of economic sanctions. already israel's prime minister who has warned for years that iran is close to having a bomb is a larmed enough to call the deal being negotiated here a historic mistake. meanti meantime, iran 's foreign minister who is leading the team here told us in an interview there will be political fall out for iran and the united states if this first deal is indeed signed in the coming hours. natalie, now back to you.

>>> ann reporting from geneva switzerland.

>>> today, a moment of silence