TODAY   |  November 07, 2013

Ambush! See 2 amazing transformations

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give two TODAY plaza audience members stunning makeovers, with new haircuts and some fresh threads.

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>>> we are back with more of "today." since it is thirsty a thursday it is time for ambush makeovers.

>> two lucky women were plucked off the plaza and sent in for a makeover.

>> editor for people style watch and author jill martin.

>> nice warm day in new york.

>> incredibly warm.

>> it is raining now so you beat the rain.

>> it's raining now?

>> jill, always up on everything.

>> our first lucky lady is 39 years old from maryland. she is too busy taking care of her three kids to really focus on herself. she jumped at the opportunity to be pampered for a few hours. let's listen to her story.

>> i asked you your beauty routine. you said you bathed. which thank you very much is a good thing.

>> i try to bathe daily. with three kids it is hard to get that in sometimes. i am excited to have this happen.

>> we are going to up that today. you said i'm the mom and she deserves it. why?

>> she has three kids and she is the caretaker. she takes care of them constantly and neglects herself. she just turned 40 and the mother of a teenager in one week.

>> one week we are going to make you 40 and fabulous in three hours.

>> awesome. thank you. i'm really excited.

>> erica is going to come out in a second. dana, andy and kathie please keep your blind folds on. here is erica's before picture. let's see the new you.

>> i love the dress.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> take off your blind folds.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> are you ready? turn right around.

>> gorgeous, gorgeous.

>> you do look like christina h hendrics.

>> she likes it.

>> would you like to join us?

>> tell us about the hair.

>> this is a great haircut. it is gorgeous. it is a very believable red. it doesn't look like it is mine. the haircut, we left the curl and controlled it and flared it around the face.

>> mom, what do you think?

>> i think she is gorgeous.

>> how about andy?

>> that is amazing. she has always been beautiful.

>> she is a natural. sdwl you are 40?

>> you do look gorgeous.

>> i love the dress. flirty and sexy by maggie london.

>> a big round of applause.

>> you look great.

>>> jamie is 65. today is her birthday. she is from massachusetts. she recently lost 20 pounds so she asked us to give her a new look to go along with her new body.

>> happy birthday . 65 today. everyone is already crying. why?

>> because i'm excited about this. this is terrific. i couldn't ask for anything better.

>> we are happy we can give you this gift. i know she tells me she is in a rut.

>> that's for sure. when it's her birthday she deserves the birthday more than anybody because she celebrates them and i don't celebrate them so i'm so happy for her.

>> thank you very much. couldn't ask for anything better.

>> she is here with that husband, steve, who loves her so much he couldn't take his eyes off of her a few minutes ago. let's look at jamie before and bring out the birthday girl .

>> jamie 's got a little cleavage, steve, i want to warn you. take off those blinders.

>> wow!

>> jamie , turn around, darling.

>> who is that?

>> wow.

>> it's fantastic. are you going out tonight?

>> we are going out tonight.

>> tell us what you did.

>> first of all, this is a great haircut for her hair texture . she has finer hair so we cut it shorter. i created the illusion with hair color . to reboot her look at 65 to take off a few years.

>> such soft makeup. she does a great job.

>> you like it?

>> absolutely. terrific. thank you so much.

>> the dress is killer.

>> she just lost 20 pounds.

>> you look so good.

>> thank you.

>> she hasn't bought a dress since losing the weight. we got down to a size