TODAY   |  November 07, 2013

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday: Deals to die for

TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky previews some big holiday deals, including 3/8 ct. diamond earrings, starting on Thanksgiving and running through Cyber Monday.

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>> when retailers are trying to up each other for your family dollars.

>> you need to have a plan before you buy to get the best deals.

>> good morning.

>> a lot of information out there who will be doing what on sale.

>> absolutely. they're startling early. last queer we had 32 days to shop. they want to get their share of your money.

>> and black friday still is a boone for retailers?

>> absolutely. but thanksgiving is a bigger boone. the folks actually tracked where the best deals came from. more on thanksgiving than monday and cyber monday. so although i don't love the idea, you may want to go out and do shopping.

>> after dinner.

>> let's look at these deals. let's start with cashmere sweaters from macy's.

>> on sale for $39.99 a. huge deal. what is important to know about all of these deals is you have to watch the fine print. these are available from 8:00 on thursday to 1:00 on friday, then again from saturday morning just until 1:00. so if you see something you like, go online and find out exactly where you can get it.

>> so you can go online as well?

>> sometimes. macy's are rumored.

>> these are action cameras. everyone is buying.

>> this is from ace hardware $99.99 regular down to $50 ace hardware stores, though, individually owned and operated . the hours will be different. if you have a local ace hardware , call them. ask if they'll have the camera.

>> diamond studs down from 150 to $14.

>> they're 15 karat white gold .

>> how about eb inventory?

>> some stores are take precautions. this is leapster explorer, they're limiting you to two in store only. they're expecting this to go quickly.

>> this is like an ipad for kids.

>> what itself the dell on this computer?

>> this is from radioshack, regular price is $3 -- it's $249.99. all these 9s are messing me up. so this is it radioshack, this is available thanksgiving night online, the following day in the stores.

>> thank you. there you go.

>> how about the cast iron pots from our friend martha.

>> the entire set all three available for 450 rough ly down just to put that in perspective, we think you can buy them as a set. split them up. give them to different people.

>> these are the best things to cook in.

>> fabulous cast iron enamels.

>> happy birthday.