TODAY   |  November 07, 2013

CMAs get political with Obamacare parody song

The Country Music Awards got a bit political Wednesday night when hosts Brady Paisley and Carrie Underwood made fun of the glitches by singing a parody version of George Strait’s hit “Amarillo by Morning.”

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>> a big tv event last night people are talking about.

>> cma awards .

>> they honored the 47th honorary awards in nashville. i got to tell you, they went a little edge. it was funny.

>> it's starting to see more and more of the vmas, these artists are crossovers, you see taylor swift .

>> brad paisley and carrie underwood , they picked on all their friends in the audience. they made fun of miley cyrus twerking and wempbt after obama care. check this out obama care by morning why is it taking so long? so long.

>> so long i'm going to wind up with hemorrhoids if i sit here until dawn we'll have cataracts and ho oh, this is getting on my last nerve obama care my morning over six people served

>> so that was coming.

>> that was a gorge strait song. can you kind of tell the politics of the different artists by the cut jay ways, some people laughing. others.

>> stone face.

>> not funny.

>> like other awards shows.

>> that dynasty guys, robin thicke twerking on the stage, pretty funny.

>> it was a really good