TODAY   |  November 07, 2013

Are ‘gluten allergies’ real? Biggest myths debunked

Dr. Nancy Snyderman and Madelyn Fernstrom clear up some of the most common misconceptions about allergies, from whether vaccines conflict with egg allergies, to the truth about being “allergic” to gluten.

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>> we hear all kind of advice when it comes to lrnls, especially our kids.

>> so from pet allergies to food lrnls, we will debunk the most common myths.

>> ladies, good morning.

>> let's start off with what is widely talking first about food allergies , something that's widely believed is you can't get a vaccine if you are allergic to eggs.

>> yeah, this one has been shot down now. i think there are two things, one, soon we will be having vaccines with technology, but we know safely now that people can have vaccines even if they have an egg allergy . a lot of doctors will err on the safe side and watch someone in the office for 30 minutes . it's not true. get your flu shots.

>> bottom lean, get your flu shots. we were told shouldn't give highly lrnlic foods to kids until they're 1-years-old, is it safe to give them milk, dairy, ec, nuts?

>> the information keeps flip-flopping. the new data from the pied frat trick administration is you can introduce four to six months any of these foods . they have high allergy in foods . after a few months, there is nothing wrong with this. like any food, introduce them one at a time, common sense , one new food to see how they react.

>> if you introduce a food group at a time, your child has a problem, you have what the issue is. getting back to what our parents did, rice, apple sauce , banana, moving up to complex foods , there is a real rational for that.

>> do we have a problem in this country?

>> we have a self induced food problem because of the way we eat. you go to taipei, do you see people with peanut allergies ? people become so concerned about germs, we have our immune systems on guard.

>> actually the reverse is true. giving them high allergy foods , it stimulates them.

>> if the child drops the food on the floor, for god's sake, let them eat it. the three second rule.

>> there are highlial lergenic foods .

>> these are western foods you den see in other places, i think in a generation, we have altered, some is because we don't know longer eat from the farm. we have an adulterated food system in this country.

>> a lot of people told me i can't have bread because i am allergic to gluten, rue?

>> it's the fad right now. if have you celiac disease and you cannot process wheat, barley and rye, you are sick. have you gas, abdominal dissension, can you die. some people will have sensitivity to some foods , i hesitate if you are self diagnosed, you are only as good as your doctor.

>> gluten is found in so many different foods .

>> one thing we should point out, it's not better. you hear this all around. it's a protein found in grain. so it is wheat. it is mostly wheat. it is in rye, barley and ought grain. there are some other sources found in anything like hotdogs, veggie burgers , sometimes in salad dressings, packaged gravy mixes. so it's very easy to eliminate if you want to. you don't necessarily have to. if you eat bread and have gas or bloating, cut it up. there are other sources, don't think by cutting this out, it's different.

>> let me get to this next one. 10% of folks are allergic to pets. is it myself, my kid, are there hypoallergenic tests?

>> no, it's not the hair, it's the glands, the oil the saliva. if you are allergic, you are allergic. we know people withdogs and cats have overall better immune systems . if you are not diagnosed early, i would have an animal in the house.