TODAY   |  November 07, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Anchors pick top chick flicks

TODAY’s female anchors chat about their favorite chick flicks for Throwback Thursday, with choices including “Sweet Home Alabama,” and “Love Actually.”

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>> talking about our favorite chick flick from the past. my pick is " love actually ."

>> oh.

>> wait. [ music playing ]

>> noigs the love is a character's dad, this is the cutest thing. young love , awesome.

>> he's got his girl.

>> savannah.

>> okay. "working girl." here's the scene. take a look.

>> oh, this is good. oh, that's what we want to see. if you haven't seen it. tamron has not. rent it.

>> i'm traveling this weekend. i'm putting it on my ipad in honor of you.

>> my favorite "skwen 16 candles ."

>> oh, you can't forget jake ryan .

>> yeah, who's he?

>> the guy that every girl loves. joe is up at the turn of his sister's wedding. he shows up, who me? yeah, you. .

>> i love it.