TODAY   |  November 07, 2013

Lululemon co-founder: Our yoga pants not for some women

Chip Wilson, co-founder of athletic apparel company Lululemon, said in an interview on Bloomberg TV that his company’s infamously sheer yoga pants don’t work for “some women’s bodies.”

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>> so, let's get started. remember the debacle earlier, i know we all do over those lululemon yoga pants that let too little to the imagination. people said they were see through. the co-founder gave us an explanation that frankly is getting on people's nerves.

>> frankly, some woman's bodies don't work for it. i can't be --

>> the skin?

>> they don't work for some women's bodies.

>> well, that's the co-founder. we can do a thought bubble.

>> like what are you saying? wait until we get home. she tried to clarify saying it's really about the activities that women are doing, we reached out to lululemon for a comment.

>> no surprise, they got rid of those pants, revamped.

>> that was like the wife's death laser.

>> my husband always said, you shouldn't wear those when you go to the gym.