TODAY   |  November 07, 2013

Strait, Swift, Shelton are big winners at CMAS

Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift and George Strait need more room on their mantels for their awards after a star-studded Country Music Awards ceremony in Nashville.

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>> show everybody is talking about, the cmas, janet shandly is in nashville this morning. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning. a big night in nash victim. blake, miranda, taylor swift is going to have to make more room on her mantle. but if there was a theme for this night, it was probably country boys and their trucks. they got the show on the road with their summer hit, winning both single of the 84 and vocal dual of the year.

>> hey, thank you for the our fans for making our dreams come true and the cma awards , for song of the year goes to, here we go.

>> all right.

>> i drive your truck.

>> also riding highs, lead artist, song inspired by the true story of a fallen soldier whose truck is still driven by his father. but the show wasn't just about the boys. taylor swift picked up two iwards, including the cma pinnacle award presented by a legendary artist. at just 23, she is the second artist to receive the awards. garth brooks was honored in 2005 .

>> i love you. you made me feel so special right now. thank you.

>> reporter: tied with swift for the most nominations of the night six. newcomer beat out best new artist.

>> seriously this first year for me has been indescribable.

>> reporter: miranda lambert pecked up her fourth straight female vocalist award.

>> carrie underwood , your performance blew me away tonight. come on, make, come on over here.

>> it's proven to be a couple's fight, her husband won two cmas, best vocalist and album of the year for based on a true story .

>> i really swear i did not think this was going to happen this year, but it did.

>> reporter: the night wasn't without timely political humor. one of the biggest proud pleasers, a duet by host brad paisley and carrie underwood obama care by morning, over six people served

>> reporter: yes, paisley and underwood are hosting, this is their sixth year in a row. this looked interesting, unlike many award shows, mere mortals can attend. all you have to do is buy a tick. i came with my three teenage daughters last night. it was the perfect girl 's night out.

>> it was supposed to be a night off. cbs polls back in.

>> duck dynasty guys also had a fun appearance there, right?

>> the who?

>> the duck deny city guys , i saw willie twerking earlier.

>> yeah, they were a big hit . robin thicke and miley cyrus took some hits as well. there were a lot of barbs.

>> thank you so much.