TODAY   |  November 07, 2013

Joe Biden calls wrong phone number

We all get the occasional “wrong number” call, but what if it was the vice president of the United States accidentally calling you up? Joe Biden attempted to call Martin Walsh, the mayor-elect of Boston, but instead called a different Martin Walsh, saying “you son of a gun, Marty!” and “You did it!”

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>>> we all get the occasional wrong phone number. i love this story. it's rare this comes from the vice president of the united states . this is what happened on tuesday night. well, after martin walsh was elected the next mayor of boston. vice president joe biden called to congratulate him. the problem is, he called the wrong martin walsh . the call, the former aid to senator kennedy. he said, quote, you son of a gun , marty, that marty walsh was able to physical out what went wrong, helped the vice president get in touch with the martin walsh , the mayor elect of boston. going through the white pages . somebody.