TODAY   |  November 07, 2013

911 calls released from New Jersey mall shooting

The calls after a lone gunman walked intoa New Jersey mall and opened fire describe the terror of people hiding in the shopping center. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>> we are hearing frantic 911 calls from inside that shootth at the new jersey mall.

>> reporter: it was about 9:20 p.m ., minutes before closing time .

>> there is somebody shooting.

>> reporter: with hundreds of terrified shoppers and mall workers frantically began calling for help.

>> somebody is shooting up the plaza. he had a motorcycle helmet on.

>> okay.

>> all black and he had a big, long gun.

>> reporter: 40-year-old richard shupe, police say, fired half a dozen blasts.

>> we are hearing shots next to the nordstroms store.

>> stay on the phone and don't hang up.

>> reporter: those trapped in the mall locked themselves inside stores.

>> we're in the bathroom. we didn't have time to lock the gate.

>> reporter: some kept the 911 operators on the phone.

>> do you still hear shooting?

>> i, i haven't heard any, but i don't hear any sign, either, so please hurry.

>> okay. i hear comes. i hear cops.

>> all right. you wanna go talk to them?

>> yes, yes, yes.

>> all right, sweetie, good luck.

>> reporter: it took some six hours for the police to find his body in the basement. he shot and killed onlyles, miraculously, thousands escaped the ordeal unharmed. nbc news, new york.