TODAY   |  November 07, 2013

Chris Christie most proud of Latino votes

As talk of a presidential bid continues, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said that his best accomplishment during his reelection was getting the Latino vote, as a Republican. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reports.

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>> is vanna, thank you very much.

>>> now to politics, until election day 2016 , is the presidential race under way? nbc's kelly o'donnell has been traveling with new jersey's newly elected governor chris christie . good morning.

>> good morning, matt, good to see you as well. governor christie calls the hype over his potential run for the white house a complement, not a distraction. well, "time" magazine is giving christie the front cover treatment with the senger referring to the governor as the elephant in the room . at a high school in the heart of a cuban community. chris christie said he is most proud, as a republican, he won the majority of the latino votes.

>> if you want to make inroads to a communities you got to get there and work it.

>> reporter: tapping into the national curiosity about christie 's prospects, these students asked about his future.

>> four years from now, i will be out of a job because they don't let me run again.

>> reporter: at a lengthy news conference wednesday, christie ruled questions about running for president.

>> oh, please, it's a burden to speculate about me being the leader of the free world , stop, i'm burdened. that's a pretty huge ego to be complaining about that. it's complimentary. it's flattering and i have for the problem with it.

>> do you feel prepared to be mr. president now?

>> i think whether that would apply to me being a better president or not, i just don't know.

>> reporter: he is already running hard against washington.

>> nobody is amused or entertained or gratified by what's going on in washington, d.c. right now. no one. everyone is frustrated. look at the numbers. if numbers don't lie. people want effective government. they want government to get things done.

>> reporter: and christie is already poised to take on a fascial role as the new head of the republican governor's association, giving him a ticket to travel the country, fund raise for his party and road test his own popularity. he takes over that spot in a couple weeks.

>> 1,097 days. thanks so much.