TODAY   |  November 07, 2013

Twitter rings the bell to kick off IPO

As social network giant Twitter begins trading Thursday at $26 a share, analysts are watching closely to see if the company falters at the start like Facebook did when it went public. NBC’s Carl Quintanilla reports.

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>> today's top story, twitter, the site has changed the world, but should you stop tweeting long enough to buy in carl is live in the orthopedic room. good morning to you.

>> reporter: from wall street , twitter is going public . they priced at $26 a share. with all those problems facebook went through when they went public last year, can the company with that little blue bird make some green? hashtag ipo , today's opening bell kicks off one of wall street 's most anticipated days of the year. social media giant twitter goes public.

>> the twitter ipo is a central moment in their history. it's such a significant platform for so many people around the world r..

>> with 230 users, it doesn't have a popularity problem. it has skeptics. especially in the problems facebook faced last may when it's stock went public, losing almost half its value in months.

>> given the most recent blogs, i am a little skeptical. i think i will see what everybody else does at first.

>> it's not for me.

>> reporter: investors are betting there is big money to be made in under 140 characters. twitter generated $220 million in the first nine months of 2013 , mainly from sponsored tweets and promoted trends featured prominently on twitter's home pages. twitter's investors are banking on profit strategies, like recently announced tv partnerships with comcast and nbc universal , the parent company of nbc news, which will bring new features from setting your dvr to sponsored tv networks .

>> the more we do those kind of things and how platform content are building more twitter, with more user value we can drive and the more beneficial it is.

>> reporter: meaning companies looking to go from trending to trading high.

>> we are investing for the long term. we think this is a long-term company. a company for which there is a fantastic use for every person on the planet.

>> and it is worth noting even though facebook did have those problems after their ipo , it has since gone up to $49 a share, sa van that, that's already 11 more than their ipo .

>> for those who don't speak fluent cnbc, why does this ipo matter?

>> it's a chance for their early inhavers to cash out. it's important for them. it's like when a college athlete goes pro, you want to know how the rook di season will go? do they have the stuff to play with the big boys ? is it a sign of maturity going from a medium size business.

>> you mentioned facebook , it's extremely popular but isn't turning a profit right now.

>> the thing with social media , you got to go big or get lost. it's not that they're bringing in money, they're plowing it back into the business, hiring sales servers, they know it's too easy to disappear if people don't know about you.

>> bottom line, would you advise somebody to invest?

>> you know, for the average joe , there is a saying on wall street , investing-wise, don't play with the rent money .

>> that probably applies to twitter.